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Optimus Prime Part 2D

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I am glad to be able to post an update again. It has been weeks if not a month I didn't add even a single post. I wish I can share with you what project I've been doing but they said it should not be published until it officially launched. Okay, I finally finish optimus part 2D. I hope you still have in faith on this one point three meter paper model, because it has so many new parts to build, 34 pages which is twice the ammount of part 2C. It is getting bigger and bigger. I plan to make a more frequent update for its other parts.

Optimus Prime Part 2D

Optimus Prime is a character in the Transformers universe. He is the leader of the Autobots, a faction of heroic Transformers from the planet Cybertron who wage their battles against the evil forces of his brother's group the Decepticons for control of their homeworld, and by extension, peace in the universe. Optimus Prime is depicted as a heroic, brave and compassionate character who puts all his talent to use to improve the world around him. Optimus has a strong sense of justice and righteousness, and has dedicated himself to the protection of all life, particularly the inhabitants of Earth; he will battle his foes with unyielding resolve to uphold this belief. [Wikipedia]

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Optimus Prime Part templates 2D

Optimus Prime Part 2D

Comments (55)
  • Timothy Allen Shifflett  - and when i click on it it says error 404 in the ne
    i am having trouble with the download button on here when i go to download optimus prime from your website. and it does as well n most all of everything from your website. can someone get back to me today on this . i am doing everything right, i just can't seem to get it to download . because when i click the download button it comes up in next window error404. anyway my e-mail is
  • mario abel monje archondo
    I can't find the intruction for part 2d, can you send me the instraction pls :D
  • Julius Perdana
    This site is still under maintenance mode, I spend all my time doing it, I alone run this site, please understand.. thank you :D
  • mario abel monje archondo
    thanks for the movel very nice job :D
  • Edgardo  - Great Job
    Hello From Cancun, Mexico, I understand that changing all your site is a big job, i was wondering the reason i´m not able to access to several models, Yours is one of the best papercraft website, keep the well job done. ¡¡ I WILL BE PATIENT !!! Regards Edgardo
  • rogério  - instructions?
    please instructions? sorry....i am brazilian....I do not speak English.... :x
  • Pierre-André GLUAIS  - Part 84
    First of all, i'd like to thank you for this outstanding papercraft. i'm having a really good time building it. However, i do have a little problem with part 84 : i can't put it in a right way on part 83 (kind of like the first batch ot part 60). Does anybody have the same problem or is it just me ? thanks again, man ! Keep up the good stuff :D Dudulepiot from France
  • Gordon
    Expect the renewal of next part to release :D
  • Timothy Allen Shifflett  - when will part 2 d's other parts be ready for dow
    hello, good evening, i was just wondering when the other parts of optimus prime be ready for download. and when to expect them on the website.
  • Timothy Allen Shifflett  - when will optimus primes arms and legs be updated
    :evil: :cheer: i was wondering when will the next update on optimus prime be ready for download. i can be reached at my e-mail on this..
  • Timothy Allen Shifflett  - any new updates on optimus prime yet
    hello, was wondering when the newest updates will be on optimus prime and when to expect them i haven't even seen when you will post them . i can be reached at my e-mail on this .
  • Timothy Allen Shifflett  - hello, when will the update on optimus prime be
    hello, was just wondering when optimus prime will be updated and when to expect it. you had said a few days back that it would be sometime last week, and still i see no new updates. i can be reached at my e-mail on this.
  • Darren
    Hi, i just started out in this model and having problems with part 1, the head of prime and was having trouble trying to fix 28 29 30 and 35 the mouth part together, was wondering if anyone knows how this few parts join together ? Thanks
  • Timothy Allen Shifflett  - when will optimus prime be updated
    i was womdering when optimus prime be updated. it has been a month now and still no update on optimus prime, i asked him a question onthe 14th of this month and he said sometime from the 16 thand now it's like almost the end of the month, when optimus prime be updated . i am still waiting on the very last segiments of optimus prime, so how long does it take to get this website updated on optimus prime.
  • Wojtek
    I reported this issue months ago, tired of waiting i fixed it by myself ;) I dont want to worry you but there are much more minor mistakes and you have to deal with them
  • Timothy Allen Shifflett  - when is the next update on optimus prime
    i am like everyone else on here as for what i wanted to know, when will the next update on optimus prime be in 6 months or when at first i was told 2 weeks ago for the update and now, nothiong on optimus prime as of yet, if everyone else quits asking to put up new paper models maybe someone could get optimus prime done, or atleast put the other paper models on hold until optimus prime is could someone get back to me on this please.. at my e-mail
  • Timothy Allen Shifflett  - does anyone else have the arms and legs of optimus
    hello, timwin_va here i was just wondering if anyone else has the arms and legs of optimus prime yet. it doesn't seem like no one wants to give me any answers on optimus prime yet. if anybody does have them, could someone let me know at my e-mail on this
  • DANIEL PALMER  - 2D instructions but no 2D templates??
    ive just downloaded the part 2D but it is instructions only were is the templates to download so i can carry on building this?
  • Julius Perdana
    look at the bottom of 2D page, there's a sentence : Download Optimus Prime Part 2D - Password : , please click on download link to download the templates
  • Alvaro Martínez
    Why do you put so many little signs of "down"?
  • Julius Perdana
    sorry that's my mistake, just ignore it, otherwise you would get confused :P
  • Angel  - mist part
    Where is the part 89, because de last sheet ends in a 88 thanks
  • Raden Mas Kusuma
    I'm newbie...bisa jadi hobi baru...hehehehe.... terimakasih ya.... B)
  • Fabian
    Hi. i'm the same trouble. If you get the solution for those parts, i'd thank you. Pd: I'm from Colombia, so excuse me for mi English.
  • Rcardo
    Hola por favor estoy buscando la parte 2a.. alguien me puedo ayudar a localizarla?
  • Timothy Allen Shifflett  - keep up the good hard work
    :) hello, i am awaiting more for the arms and legs to be added, so keep up the very hard work buddy. keep them coming.. keep them coming.
  • Alvaro Mendez  - agradecimiento
    hola muchas gracias por el aporte lo esta esperando pero valio la pena, esta genial :)
  • Carlos  - Muchas Gracias (Thank You Very Much)
    Hello, Thanks for this part !!!! :grin I was waiting to see this progress !!!! Excellent work my friend !!!! i just cant wait to see it finished :eek greetings from Venezuela Carlos Elias
  • Nadal  - Merci et encore bravo!!!
    J'attendais avec impatiente cette partie, encore plus fort de partie en partie,en tous les cas c'est un gros travail mes felicitations au créateur, continue.J'ai fabriqué plusieur modeles mais celui la est vraiment ENORME et tres bien fait.
  • Timothy Allen Shifflett  - i am adding part 2 D now
    :) hello, i am adding part 2 D now to what i have already got built, and i'll wait for the rest as well.. and when i get it almost done then i'll send in pictures of what i have done so far,.
  • Ivan  - trans
    This part is super i have been waiting for this part long time :) :) :)
  • Timothy Allen Shifflett  - hey buddy
    hey buddy keep up the very good hard work on optimus prime. :) this is a 100 % top very good paper model i have ever seen.
  • Julius Perdana  - Thank you
    thanks for all the support guys :) :)
  • Steven Johnson  - Optimus Part 2D?
    Is it me, has anyone who has downloaded this checked the file to ensure it downloaded properly? I have tried to download this part 4 times now, and after 2.3 - 2.7 MB the download stops as if it has downloaded successfully (no 'Failed' message). The problem is that it is a 3.7 MB file and of course since it is not all downloaded, it won't open. I have successfully downloaded other files since then with no problem, I have to assume there is something wrong with this file. Julius could you please check this file? Thanks so much. This is definitely one of the 'Crown Jewels of Papercraft'!
  • Wojtee  - File size
    Whole file is 3 844 748 B long. Works fine for me. Can´t wait to make 3D from 2D :grin
  • Wojtee  - A4?
    US letter is cool, but would it be possible to re-publish the parts on A4, too? I am not sure how could I prevent scale problems when downscaling... No hurry, though ;)
  • Den  - *GLEEFIT*
    *happy dances* Well worth the wait! *is printing this off as she writes* I just need about a month where nobody bothers me, and I'll have this built. LOL :3 Looking forward to the rest. Keep up the great work!
  • Klita  - Great work
    Hallo everybody, I´m from Czech Republic (middle Europe), we have golden hands, but this is incredible art!!!! When I first saw the head of my heroe:-) I thought, it will be small, so I printed it on A3:-) Jesus it has 1,3 m in A4.... what about A3 then. I´m working in game shop, this will be great monument there. Thx a lot, good job.
  • Ki Kie  - where the rest of it
    Great work....... Thankssss still continue? or just it ? where the hand, foot ?
  • neil  - Incredible!!!
    Just incredible! I have bags of respect and admiration for you. The best model out there, second to none!!
  • Ludovic Grau  - Wonderfull...!
    Thks a lot for this amaze excellent models...! Keep continue...! :eek :upset
  • Leandro  - Paper, printer and glue
    What kind of paper, printer and glue you use to do this papercraft?
  • Julius Perdana  - still continue
    yes it still continue, please understand to make the patterns takes elaborate efforts and time consuming that won't just take one or two weeks, maybe a month. But I promise I'll finish it eventually.
  • Julius Perdana  - paper
    it always hard to answer this kind of question, because paper and glue that available are different in each countries. Usually we use UHU glue or PVA type of glue which is Fox brand. For paper, many have use glossy photo paper, BC paper, ivory etc, and there are no brand if we talk about paper especially in indonesia.
  • Wojtek  - Bonecrusher
    Hello paper freaks :p At first I want to thanks Julius for his Optimus Prime model! Now Im glad to present you my new transformers model - Bonecrusher! Please look at link and tell me what you think: [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] It still need little work... and textures. :roll
  • Timothy Allen Shifflett  - bring it on to julus
    :) :grin bring it on buddy . i want to download it to add to my collection.,, can still wait on optimus primes other parts.
  • kevin  - other parties
    thanks julius by the model is an excellent work put the best role model and seen. when they believe will turn out elsewhere
  • Timothy Allen Shifflett  - keep them coming
    :) keep them coming , bring all the transformers to your website,
  • francis  - All Hail Julius Perdana
    hey man im from the Philippines.. i wnt to thak you for doing this and im a huge fan of prime and now im a huge fan of yours... i shit you not.. im looking forward for this model to finish.. i havent started mine yet... i want to complete it when every part is finished...and when that time comes i will upload the pictures here... thanks man..
  • Timothy Allen Shifflett  - hello
    hey buddy any new updates on optimus prime with the arms and legs yet :)
  • Timothy Allen Shifflett  - i did research on optimus prime
    :) he will stand at about 28 inches tall when completely built. i went to a transformers website on the movie about optimus prime and found that he will stand a full 28 inches tall when it is all said and done., i just wanted to let you and everyone else know on this if you are building the optimus prime paper model.
  • Den  - Um...
    Actually, the model will be roughly 51 inches tall, if it really is 1.3 meters tall. If it's 1/12th scale, then your math is right.
  • Anonymous
    Great thing!Then i should make arms? ^^
  • estu  - masalah dengan link download
    LUAR BIASA.. :shock: hanya rasa kagum dan terima kasih yang bisa ku ekspresikan terhadap mas julius. Tidak menyangka saya bisa menemukan site papercraft ini justru dari indonesia dan terlengkap selain canon. saya termasuk penggemar berat papercraft yang sudah mengoleksi beberapa papercraft. Apalagi yang saya cari selama ini terdapat pada site ini yaitu robot optimus prime. oya mas saya juga menemukan masalah yang sama, bagian2nya ada yang tidak bisa diklik link downloadnya, kenapa ya mas, saya menunggu untuk perbaikannya ya mas. mungkin jika saya sudah menyelesaikan semua bagiannya, saya berkeinginan mendonasi sebagai rasa terima kasih saya. Dan sekedar saran mas, kalo bisa link2nya bisa diurut lebih rapi mas agar kami juga muah untuk mendownloadnya. salam kenal dan terima kasih... :)
  • dfbdjtyykkyuk
    broken dowloaded file even in revision 2D...need help here...!!! anyone upload me a healthy file PLEASEEEEE...... :(
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