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Optimus Prime Part 3 (Arms)

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Arms parts for Optimus prime paper model is ready for download. This part 3 consists of 39 pages of patterns. Left and right arms are symmetrical, the instructions initially for left one. Arms are moveable but only in limited angle range, fingers also moveable. Next part will be part 4 - waist.

Wrong numbering on part 44 and 43 as seen in the pic below


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Optimus Prime Part 3 templates (Arms)

Download partially : Part 3A - Part 3B - Part 3C

Optimus Prime Part 3 (Arms)

Comments (30)
  • alan patricio jerez angel
    muy buen trabajo de echo exlente pero donde descargo la tercera parte
  • Timothy Allen Shifflett  - i wanted to say it's one very fine neat paper mo
    hello, julius. i just wanted to say to you . that optimus prime is one very neat and awsome paper model. keep up the very fine good details on optimus prime. if and when you think of it could you work on some of the other transformers paper models.i give you a very good 100% job rate on hats off to you buddy. well job well done.
  • Stefano Lanzi  - MERAVIGLIOSO
    :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: JULIUS, SEI SEMPRE IL MIGLIORE!!!!! AVANTI CON IL LAVORO.... CIAO
  • Ярослав
    Thanks, that real fantastic papercraft model and i'll be waiting next part :)
  • Alvaro Mendez
    sorry for the question, one knows what the height, width and depth of the finished model?
  • Rusty Walston  - Optimus Prime finished size
    Alvaro, Optimus Prime will be approximately 4 ft or is over 1.4 meter tall when complete.
  • Ki Kie
    bang julius. ini tiap page donload PDF nya sama aja ya? karna tiap page ad tombol download.. itu sama kan? thanks.bgt. karyanya bener2 luarbiasa... keep up the good work. we salute u.. B)
  • Gordon  - wrong size
    number 44 circle length is too long so can't combine 44 and 45 :(
  • Julius Perdana
    hello gordon, it is not wrong size, it was wrong numbering. I have upload a pic describe this error on the first page of this model. Thank you for the notify me :cheer:
  • Julius Perdana
    sama aja bro :lol:
  • Wojtek
    So far I notice that parts 13 and 41 are on incorrect pages, they fits to second arm. You just need to switch them and all will be fine.
  • Julius Perdana
    thank you Wojtek, I'll fix it :lol:
  • Wojtek
    I`m glad I can help and... I found another small issue :whistle: Wrong numbering this time, part 30 should have number 31 and part 31 should have number 30. ;)
  • Julius Perdana
    noted, and thanks again, feel free to shout (or whistle) :P if you found again ;)
  • Wojtek
    Well... this time i have only sugestions :P First, could you paint white places that appear when arm is rotated? (parts 5, 16, 19 and 84). That should take you only a second. :whistle: Second is more complex... or not. :lol: Let me describe problem, when arm is built, part 5+6+7 bends a lot, whole arm is unstable and does not look well. To fix that is suggest to make part 7 (and 36 of course) little longer that we can gule parts 6 and 7 together. And thank you again for listening me :whistle: :D
  • Wojtek
    ok I think I found another mistake... :P part 66 - some extra white place and nothing to glue there... or at least I cant find any part ;)
  • Peter Pavlovic
    But then disagrees colour of tis parts with instructions (whole part 43 must be blue)
  • retno santoso  - sore
    :cheer: bagus gambar yang lain ada ga
  • retno santoso  - sore
    aku mau tanya gimana cara buatnya
  • Allan Goldsbury  - Download problems
    Hi, Having problem with downloading parts 2D,arms &part 5. Get 1/2 way through then drops out with message 'can't download due to damaged file' Any help would be much apreciated! :confused:
  • petruk  - document error
    saya suda donlot, tapi tidak bisa d buka, kenapa ya? bisa minta link yg lain soalnya part2c, part3, part5 juga sama, mohon bantuannya, terimakasih
  • Anonymous
  • Rudi  - Hebat
    Mas julius itu papercraftx berapa halaman klo diprint?makasih sukses selalu :)
  • estu  - masalah dengan link download
    LUAR BIASA.. :shock: hanya rasa kagum dan terima kasih yang bisa ku ekspresikan terhadap mas julius. Tidak menyangka saya bisa menemukan site papercraft ini justru dari indonesia dan terlengkap selain canon. saya termasuk penggemar berat papercraft yang sudah mengoleksi beberapa papercraft. Apalagi yang saya cari selama ini terdapat pada site ini yaitu robot optimus prime. oya mas saya juga menemukan masalah yang sama, bagian2nya ada yang tidak bisa diklik link downloadnya, kenapa ya mas, saya menunggu untuk perbaikannya ya mas. mungkin jika saya sudah menyelesaikan semua bagiannya, saya berkeinginan mendonasi sebagai rasa terima kasih saya. Dan sekedar saran mas, kalo bisa link2nya bisa diurut lebih rapi mas agar kami juga muah untuk mendownloadnya. salam kenal dan terima kasih... :)
  • Adr
    Este Link Não está funcionando.
  • Indra Asmadi  - Link Download Part 3 Miss
    I can't find the download link for this part 3. can anyone help me? :( donlot link part 3 gak ada, bantuin dong? :(
  • douglas  - o meu ta ficando da hora!
    estou comecando a fazer os bracos agora....fazendo todo dia 4 horas por dia...demorei uns 3 meses para fazer ate a parte reforco de papelao em todas as partes o meu modelo esta com 2.1kg...esta bem rigido e dei algum acabamento com aerografo e caneta cromada ..esta show de bola...agradeco o idealizador dessa maquete.. abracos a todos :) :)
  • Anonymous
    gracias por el aporte
  • fiki
    i haven't found part 3 which is ARMS, please fix the link, i almost finish
  • SERGIO QZ  - partes 3 y siguientes no las puedo bajar
    por favor con su ayuda no puedo bajar las partes 3 y siguientes, es una gran pena porque ya llevo muy adelantado el trabajo. mi correo es AGRADEZCO SU COLABORACION
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