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Optimus Prime Part 4 (Waist)

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I use ball joint in Prime waist part like I used on Unicorn Gundam before. This part is only consist of 13 pages of patterns, a quick burst before modeling OP last part which is part 5 or legs. Keep the spirit and thanks to you guys who follow this project this far, the credit is for Michael Bay and his team who design this awesome character in the first place, leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime (Transformers 2007).

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Optimus Prime Part 4 templates (Waist)

Optimus Prime Part 4 (Waist)

Comments (29)
  • Tomas Butela
    wow Jules this is sick :-D 2 days 2 releases. I love transformers and i´m building optimus too and it´s a beautiful papercraft. Keep it up :-)
  • Boris
    это невероятно :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: супер , думал что больше уже не будет продолжения и вот.....спасибо большое ..... трансформеры forever
  • Stefano Lanzi  - Un'altra bella sorpresa....
    :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: Incredibile Julius, in due giorni due nuove uscite...Ieri sera ho stampato la parte 3 e ora arriva la 4 parte... Durante le ferie estive avrò qualcosa da fare.... Caro Julius, manca ancora un piccolo sforzo e ci siamo... Grazie e ciao. :P :P :P
  • Ярослав
    THANKS !!! :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
  • Sushi Japan
    May I ask some questions : What kind of paper do you use to make it reflects (so real!)? There're some tricks? Could you tell? I really love this Optimus Prime, very real!! Thanks, Best regard,
  • Timothy Allen Shifflett  - i couldn't have did this whole damn paper model
    hey buddy my hats off to you, keep them coming , any chance of doing megatron. and ironhide and ratchet, and any of the other transformers..
  • wallter
    hi there guys , i'm allready started to build the arms of Optimus but i whant to post my pictures of the body , could anyone tell me how to do it??? Julius are THE BEST...
  • Julius Perdana
    haha I plan to finish this tomorrow (before July)
  • Julius Perdana
    grazie Stefano, ho intenzione di finire questo prima di luglio :P
  • Julius Perdana
    you are welcome Ярослав :P
  • Julius Perdana
    my friend use ivory paper, some use BC paper. anyone have different type of paper, please share here :P
  • Julius Perdana
    You are welcome Tim :P . next transformer is Barricade (vehicle mode)
  • Julius Perdana
    send to my contact address : or you may want share it on [url][/url] you are welcome Wallter :P and thanks in advance for sharing your pics
  • Julius Perdana
    you are welcome Boris :P добро пожаловать
  • Julius Perdana
    New pic progress of part 5 [url][/url]
  • Timothy Allen Shifflett
    :evil: :cheer: :) what is it about how you can do this i would like to know how you can design these paper models and make them fit together. can you tell me how you do this and what porgram that you use.
  • James Rebello
    Great papercraft,thanks for all your hard work. :)
  • kevin
    Eres el mejor julius podría decirme usted si este increíble modelo también tiene un arma como vi en una imagen
  • Timothy Allen Shifflett  - what time will optimus primes legs be posted tonig
    hey buddy what time will optimus primes leg's be posted tonight or tomorrow morning, i just wanted to know. keep them coming buddy like i said my hats off to you.
  • Timothy Allen Shifflett  - when will optimus primes legs be up on website.
    :evil: :cheer: from what i see of the draft of optimus prime's legs . i still say very damn well put together on optimus entirely. how much would it cost for the whole set of plans on this one. from start to finish. could you put them on a cd-rom disc and mail it to me as a back-up disc. my newphew's kids want me to build them one of him
  • Timothy Allen Shifflett  - i saw the legs for optimus
    i just wanted to say a very well paper model i have mine almost complete , now my newphews want one of them built for themthe head of optimus prime took about a month the chest part took about three months, how many more of the transformers will you do or get to make as paper models i know you are designing barricade the police car. any of the other ones as well. if so keep them coming.
  • irlan sugih pranoto
    wah keren mas julius... :) salam kenal... rencana kapan bagian kaki diselesaikan?????
  • Timothy Allen Shifflett  - A qiuck Question
    how many pages is the legs last part for optimus prime. just so i would know. i am still working on the arms and hip sockets. man this this is huge. i'll need a closed in cabinet to put him in to keep him dust free.
  • Julius
    approximately 150 pages, I still working it now. halfway done
  • queno
    impressive hello my friend, I just want to express my great admiration for you is incredible! but I wanted to make a request, is it possible to create the "General Grievous is a droid incredibly but if you gonna make real size, is a dream of many in the web and q only you could play, please go to this request would be a God for me :woohoo: , I admire your way of working I'm just starting in this 3D modeling of hope to become like you, I hope you sign my petitions, on. :( bye translated in google
  • queno
    look this is my version of General Grievous is the version "3D Clone Wars" but I try to build it complicates the paper and I want to have the movie, I know you can for your q optimus built it, please my friend. translated in google [img][]
  • mojo
    สุดยอดเลย ขอบคุณ
  • jefte  - jef
    olá pessoal adoravel os modelos estou montando um optimus e estou ansioso para ver e poder montar um blackout, parabens pelos models.
  • koyel arifin
    terima kasih bisa download gan. saya memang penggemar paper craft dari dulu..cuman kesusahan dpt objek yg udah bentuk 3d nya. salut buat pak julius perdana
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