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Unicorn Gundam Papercraft - Jetpack (Final)

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This release is the last part of a complete unicorn gundam without accessories. This Unicorn is not finish yet, there will be more parts for shield and its cannon. The Unicorn's appearance when the system 'NT-D' is active. In this way, the psyco frame structure built in mobile whole body reads the thoughts of the pilot (psycowaves), which directly influence the movements of the unit. In other words, the Mobile Suit can be controlled solely by thought. However, when compared to the human body, the stress of gravity of a Mobile Suit from 20 meters, more than ten times the size of the human body is shaking. Even with the aid of psycommu the mind of the driver can only support an operation period of no more than five minutes, after which it is believed that a limiter is activated, returning the unit to the way Unicorn. This system does not act according to the will of the pilot, but automatically, when certain conditions are met, supposedly when the unit detects an opponent Newtype.

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Unicorn Gundam Papercraft - Jetpack templates (Final)

Unicorn Gundam Papercraft - Jetpack templates 5X bigger

Unicorn Gundam Papercraft - Jetpack (Final)

Comments (15)
  • robin crabb  - thank you
    ive been using this site for awhile now and thought i would say thank you for this and optimus and all the others you have done very much appreciated rob
  • Kevin Chapman
    awesome! thanks as always julius! now to finish this bad boy up >:) If you;re interested in me commissioning you to make a sinanju, feel free to drop me a message on facebook with what you'd like. I'd be more than happy work with you :) talk to you soon my friend!
  • anderson  - MARAVILHOSO
    camarada, muito bom mesmo este modelo. eu ia começar devagar por outros modelos do site mais faceis, mas quando vi este eu decidi que seria este (minha sorte que só tem +/- 1 mês que conheço o site) e até agora tem sido tudo de bom. só gostaria de fazer dois apontamentos: :arrow: a senha para a jet-pack esta errada. não é " papel" e sim a antiga e boa "" :arrow: esta faltando uma boa parte de imagens da contrução da cabeça do Gundam, se formos nos guiar só pela numeração vai ficar sobrando diversas peças na cartela e a numeração das peças 27 e 28 esta errada. eu suponho que sejam as peças 16 e 16 que fiquem no lugar das mesmas. se puder acertar e acrescentar as imagens que faltam eu agradeceria muito. muito obrigado por qualquer atenção despreendida
  • Microlav Minh teo
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  • edgar
    such a good night with a question rather with a request I really like the second but would like to do it bigger and truth in pdf format I can not enlarge the template nose if I may provide a template in pdo very grateful for your help and great work you do is so. :)
    Great job, hope your next project will be gundam msz 010 in big size
  • Artur Skrzypczak
    One of the best Gundam papercrafts ever! I wish there were an Gundam Epyon papercraft as awesome as this one
    [color=black][/color][size=medium][/size] Great job! hope you make the armor so the unicorn will be the unicorn full armor.
  • Massimiliano Crocetti  - Unicorn Completet
    Hi, today is a great day! I completed my unicorn Gundam after al least 36 hours of hard job! Thanks to Julius for his great work! I still waiting for weapons! Ciao Max - Italy
  • Stefano Lanzi  - Che bello ritrovare un'altro italiano....
    Ciao Massimiliano, è bello poter ritrovare un connazionale in questo sito... Anch'io l'ho appena ultimato e sto aspettando con ansia la pubblicazione dello scudo e del fucile. Spero ti rincontrarti al più presto. Un saluto da Reggio Emilia Ciao
  • Massimiliano Crocetti  - re:
    [quote=Anonymous][/quote] Ciao Stefano, è incredibile vedere quanti appassionati di paper model ci sono nel mondo! Per quanto mi riguarda è da quando leggevo miao da piccolo che taglio incollo e gioco con la carta! Ho fatto un bel po' di foto ai miei modelli...le ho messe sul sito che ho appena startato. fammi sapere se ti piacciono! A big ciao to all!!!! Max
  • Stefano Lanzi
    Ciao Max, sono appena andato a visitare il tuo sito e già l'ho postato tra i miei preferiti. Che emozione poter scaricare Goldrake.... Probabimente il robot che più di tutti mi ha fatto innamorare del genere... Bello, bello.... Complimenti e ciao.. :woohoo: :woohoo: Boza
  • colcr  - ^^
    Great job~! :lol: :lol:
  • von marquez  - thank you
    is there a paper copy for cause i would like to try and make it
  • Francois THOMAS  - Change model size/scale ?
    Hello, Is there any way to increase the size/scale of this model in order to get it the same size of the large version of the Sinanju model ? François
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