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Optimus Prime Part 2B Papercraft

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Part 2B is ready to assembled with part 2A, so finally you can attach the Optimus Prime head on his torso. Part 2B contains 7 pages with 19 parts. To be continued to part 2C.

Optimus Prime Part 2B

build by Kurniadi Widodo

Build by Kurniadi Widodo - Taken from "papercraft" photo album on his facebook

Optimus Prime Part 2B

Optimus Prime Part 2B


Optimus Prime Part 2B

Optimus Prime Part 2B

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Optimus Prime Part templates 2B

Optimus Prime Part 2B Papercraft
Comments (16)
  • rick koeman  - cooooooooooooool
    [color=black][/color][size=medium][/size]how do you make this. :woohoo: :woohoo:
  • Anwar  - Thanks you so much
    I was waiting for this... :D Thanks a lot Jules.
  • David  - Optimus!!!
    Great, now I download it! Julius thank you very much for staying with this great project!! Greetings, and as always we'll be waiting here for more! :)
  • Benjamin  - great
    great work as always :) optimus is taking chape :) keep up :)
  • Mel Stoll  - Optimus back on track!
    I have to say that when you launched the 2A part, your message made me very sad, I really thought that you were giving up the Optimus project. But "voilá" here it is again. Keep up the EXCELLENT JOB, and please, pleeeeeease keep the pieces coming. lol Once again, Great Job. Thank you so much.
  • dan durocher
    Jules, thanks so much for continuing this! This is going to be fantastic when it's complete and standing as sentry over my office. ;)
  • jose  - Nice
    great model i cant wait till you finish the model great job on optimus prime
  • Timothy Allen Shifflett  - which transformer will be next inline
    hello, would anymore transformers be available on here as well.
  • jose  - optimus
    nice model jules i'm planning to build the entire model once it is done by the way how long do u think it will take u to make all of optimus prime
  • Andrew "Skip" Skupinski  - Superb!!
    Superb work here!!! This model is going to amazing once fully designed and built! Forgive me if this has been answered already but how tall will he stand once fully built? It looks like he'll be a large model which is even better! Thanks too for mentioning my BumbleBee car mode models over on Claudio's site:! Feel free to email me. ;)
  • Mel Stoll  - Optimus height
    Skip, I'm not sure if Julius already answer your question, but the complete height of Optimus will be a 1.3 meters, wich will not be the same 1:12 scale of Claudio's Bumblebee and your excellent Camaros.
  • Christian J. Ramirez  - anthor papercraft you could make
    hey julius, when your done can u make a powered up optimus prime like at the end of revenge of the fallen(in case u haven't seen it optimus is combined with jetfire)
  • erebos  - I love this model
    This model will be so great. but when is the next part comming? I CAN'T WAIT ANY MORE :zzz
  • gazda  - téléchargement impossible
    au secour !!! impossible de telechager les autres partie : part1 ,part2(a et b)
  • linhtieutu  - help
    KIT is detailed in the installation of the first 17? :?
  • Hector  - hello
    hello it can be done in a 1.60 m and planes as vajo
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