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Iron Man Mark XLII - Iron Man 3 Paper Model Part 1

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Some people asked me why don't I make a template of Iron Man Mark XLII from the new Iron Man 3 movie, because I never plan to do it. My plan is only to make Iron Patriot. But actually that's not quite true, because I did make the template, but It is for Cinemags movie this April special edition magazine bonus, a simple one and unfortunately it will not shared for free. So when Cristiano emailed me to share his own template, I feel so happy that finally Paper Replika has Mark XLII template to share. The template contains 6 pages of patterns, the scale is unknown, but it looks like in 1:6 scale. The template was designed by Cristiano Luis Dias and colored by Suraj S. Prakash.


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Iron Man Mark XLII - Iron Man 3 Paper Model Part 1 template

Iron Man Mark XLII - Iron Man 3 Paper Model Part 1
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  • Kamo
  • windcloud
    i have a problem with the joint between the leg and the body( no.3,4 is too small to fit no.26,27). the leg doesn't fit to the body as the arm a result,It can't stand alone. So i have to create a new joint like the arm(no.14 and no.24). would you please giving me a video. or a picture of the joint between the leg and the body( the model that you made)?
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