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KRISS Super V 1:1 (patterns)

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KRISS Super V 1:1 (patterns)
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KRISS Super V is the lastest technology of submachine gun design. Its operating systems is a all new design in more than 120 years of firearm age. Although it's firing .45 ACP rounds, it has very low recoil even at automatic mode. The system claims to compensate for recoil by utilizing moving parts that travel down into a recess behind the magazine. This means they travel vertically and forces encountered when they reach the end of their travel act downward, reducing muzzle rise. The barrel is also in-line with the shooter's shoulder as in the M16 rifle and German FG42 but also in line with the shooter's hand. Combined, these factors are advertised to create less felt-recoil and muzzle climb.

KRISS Super V 1:1 (patterns)

KRISS Super V 1:1 (patterns)

KRISS Super V 1:1 (patterns)

KRISS Super V 1:1 (patterns)

KRISS Super V 1:1 (patterns)

KRISS Super V 1:1 (patterns)

KRISS Super V 1:1 (patterns)

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KRISS Super V 1:1 paper model template (Colored)

KRISS Super V 1:1 paper model BLANK template

Comments (25)
  • Guderian
    This is absolutely awesome!!! But better if we could have a colored version xD
  • ricky chen
    ther is a coloured version. it's above the blanck one.
  • radoo  - amazing job!
    it-s absolutely gorgeus, man! thank you!
  • SapiJogging  - :roll
    om julius,, itu yg nomer 12 dipasangnya gmn? yg lingkaran itu... tengahnya dibolongin kan atau gak? thanks
  • mick sturdy  - Nice
    I'm trying my hand at making this one now.Its very detailed however my lack of papercrafting skills means it probably won't come out as nice. I'm printing it out in monochrome toner on 200 gsm card. I intend to spray paint it when I'm done.
  • Colin  - Thank you
    I started On this Model and i love it. Just wanted to let you know that part 60 comes out too big. thanks again
  • mick sturdy  - Agree
    I can confirm this too, Part 60 needs to be shrunk to about 72% of its current size to fit part 89
  • yudha  - paper
    hello.. i haven't build it yet.. but i will.. :p i want 2 ask about the paper used to build it.. is it A4/A3/letter?? thx b4..
  • mick sturdy  - Size
    It's better to print this out on A4 paper as it is 1:1 scale. in my opinion :) :)
  • lukasz  - ...
    Hey do you have to glue this model on cardboard after printing? Because from what i see it has no "in body frame" and i think it would be easy to break...tooo easy -£ukasz
  • Ibrahim Ahmad  - Abis maen PB langsut buat yah?
    Om, kertasnya ukuran ketebalannya brapa?? 210x297 mm (kertas byasa atau kaya kertas kardus?
  • mick sturdy  - query
    I print all my models out on 200 GSM A4 card, its stronger and is still flexible enough to manage and it saves wastage. It gives much needed strength to the build.
  • Anonymous
    Did you see that ?!?
  • rikku2412  - Nice
    This is great man, but there's no colored version, I've click both link and download both file, both of them is BLANK one, hope you can fix it, thanks and good work
  • micks sturdy  - Links change
    Both links still only give tyou the blank version of this
  • ikkranegara
    om password di adobe apa?
  • GANS  - gad
    where to get the password? I can not find it! write your password here. please
  • Julius Perdana
    the password is always :
  • rido  - pass incorect.....
    om julius,pass buka file'nya ga bisa,saya udh beberapa kali nyoba pass : :(
  • Leonardo  - Need Help!!
    Where is the piece 131?? :dry: :(
  • Julius Perdana
    part 131 is on page 9 in the templates and how to assembly is on the sixth instructions image
  • Anonymous  - WTF
    Need a password to open
  • Reza Kamil
    how to print this papercraft bro? need help!!!! :(
  • DR01D
    Julius, I find error! Part 60 is too big and doesn't connect with part 89! (sorry for my English)
  • joshua
    how do u print :confused:
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