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Hydraulic excavator

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A Model from CREATIVE PARK - Canon. A hydraulic excavator is a construction machine that can be used with attachments for a wide range of purposes. It can be used with a drill/breaker to break up asphalt or with a scissor-shaped crusher to crush and cut concrete and steel bars. The PC200-8 is a Komatsu hydraulic excavator that was the first in the 20-ton class to pass the most recent emissions restrictions. It incorporates the latest in advanced IT technology, including a remote GPS vehicle management system and a large seven-inch LCD monitor.


Hydraulic excavator

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  • Jose a marquinez  - Como se puede bajar el diseño.
    Me gustaría saber como conseguir el diseño de la excavadora, somos de una constructora y tenemos equipos similares, gracias.
  • Leandro Soares  - link for PDF here
    The link for PDF this paper craft here: site Cannon
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