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Minions - Despicable Me Papercraft

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Despicable Me is animated 3d movie created by the creator of Ice Age. Couple days ago i stumbled upon its movie trailer on youtube. One minion laughing at his pal other minion that cannot say "despicable", it's so funny, I watched it many times. Until I found out this movie is brand new movie and I think I better make them in papercraft, they're so cute.

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Minions - Despicable Me Papercraft template

Minions - Despicable Me Papercraft

Comments (7)
  • Tyler Glenn
    These are so cute! I just saw the movie with my kids. We all loved it. Please, please consider doing a papercraft model of Gru's car! It is very cool in a steampunk kind of way and is just begging to be realized in paper.
  • Jose Diaz  - contraseña
    Estimados amigos de Paper Replika, recien me acabo de inscribir en su pagina y acabo de bajar el pdf de los Me despreciable pero cuando quiero abrir lo descargado me pide una contraseña supuestamente es paper Pero no lo abre, mucho les agardeceria decirme cual es la contraseña y como se escribe. gracias.
  • Ricardo
    Hola Jose. No se si ya recibiste la respuesta de tu problema pero si no aqui te va. Necesitas agregar un guion entre las palabras "paper" y "replika" Espero que esto te ayude. Suerte con los esbirros :)
  • KvanT  - lol
    супер! эти миньоны таки прикольные!хочется побыстрей их сделать :cheer:
  • yaya  - Minions
    Great!!! Just made the one on the left and I can't stop laughing!! :D
  • ben  - ask please
    hello yaya,, how can you made the one papoy on the left? i can't download it,, may you can help me? thanks a lot!
  • stefanus enggarjati
    could you send me the password of minion papercraft ??? :( i have download it, but i can't open it ... i need the password please :(
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