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Dragunov Sniper Rifle - Life-size Papercraft

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This is my third life-size papercraft and the second real weapon model that I've design. I choose Dragunov sniper rifle first because of its raretity and the classic touch of the original design. This Dragunov is an early version Russia made of SVD (Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova) or Dragunov Sniper Rifle in English. I still use modular parts like my previous 1:1 scale model in this papercraft design.

Many parts of this rifle are simplified to maintain easy build and not too complicated. Because the patterns are drawn in vector format, the file size is relatively small. Blank pattern will be available soon, I will put the link in this page when it's ready.

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Dragunov Sniper Rifle - Life-size Papercraft template

Blank template version download here

Dragunov Sniper Rifle - Life-size Papercraft

Comments (19)
  • Ярослав
    Julius ты лучший !!! =) В сети есть много вариантов моделей этой винтовки, но твоя модель как всегда на высоте. Спасибо огромное за проделанную работу. Именно твою модель буду собирать. :woohoo:
  • Julius Perdana  - Спасибо
    Спасибо Ярослав ! :lol:
  • sergio
    excelente, uno mas para proyecto
  • XHZ
    Attack is like, do not know to help the Barrett M82A1 sniper rifle designed? Who will help me?
  • Carlos
    Genial, bajado para armarla en el corto plazo Muchas gracias
  • jluy86718
    Attack is like, do not know to help the Colt M4A1 SOPMOD assault rifle&M203 Grenade Launcher? Who will help me?[size=x-large][/size]
  • Amit Jain  - slight flaw
    the Dragunov looked amazing that's why i started building it, unfortunately i got stuck at the beginning. the barrel pieces and the instructions don't match, i believe some flaps are missing from the pieces. e.g piece 3 has flaps on the wrong end so it can't connect to piece 4 and piece 13 can't be glued on to piece 12 as it has no flaps. somebody help me rectify this so i can make this awesome paper model.
  • Denis
    Julius, как хорошо что, ты говоришь по-русски. Формат A4 подойдет для создания винтовки в натуральную величину? И какая толщина бумаги должна быть?
  • Anonymous
    Underneath the line Dragunov Sniper Rifle - Life-size Paper Kraft it says blank page when you try to download the patterns that is all you get, a blank page. Can you fix this so we can down load the patterns? Will
  • Will Firth  - blank pages download
    No matter how I try to download the Dragunov patterns, I only get blank pages. In fact under the line that states, Dragunov Sniper Rifle Life-size Paperkraft it does in fact state blank pages. Can this be restored so it does allow me to download the patterns? Thank you. Will
  • Yang  - error - report...
    Thank you for good papermodel. I find error of print. in 11page of 20pages This page cant not print.(11page) Check... your file of PDF. And please retry attached file. Have a nice day....
  • Anonymous
  • Anoniem  - s
    Is there a link to download the instructions all in once?
  • anonimo  - sobre la clave
    hola mi comentario es el siguiente si alguien mepuede ayudar cuando descargo los patrones del rifle Fusil de francotirador Dragunov me pide una clave y no se donde la saco
  • infante  - sobre la clave
    donde puedo conseguir la clave para el Fusil de francotirador Dragunov a tamaño Paperkraft ya que descargue el archivo pdf y al abrirlo me pide una clave
  • ur mom
    :evil: dickhead let us be able to save it
  • Anonymous
    :confused: so hard, what kind of paper should i use?
  • Anonymous
    no color
  • OngQY  - Done!
    It took me more than 1 month to finish it! I love it and it looks so complicated to make but it's not.
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