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Command Car Type 98 - Patlabor Papercraft

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Want to know what a dentist do in his spare time? Patlabor vehicle papermodel created by Rino Liha, he designed it as a hobby in his spare time as a dentist. Unlike the command car from the original OVA series, these cars are built for mobility rather than to protect the "Forward". Still, they're pretty heavily protected. These card come with standard issue shotguns. They are used by Division two in all vesions of the anime except the original OVA series, and they made their debut in the first Patlabor movie.

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Command Car Type 98 - Patlabor Papercraft template

Command Car Type 98 - Patlabor Papercraft

Comments (4)
  • mashimaro
  • Eric
    Now all we need is the Transport semi truck flatbed. Keep up all the great work.
  • Charles HO
    Great job! May I know Rino Liha will design the the Transport truck?
  • Jin Juan
    anybody.... please givi me the instruction for this command car.... thanks....
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