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Air Compressor Paper Model

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This is a air compressor model, nothing special.. but it is special in Indonesia.. I don’t know how to describe “TAMBAL BAN”. The meaning is about fix the inner tyre which is punched by sharp things like spike or sort of. The hole fixed by melting a rubber like material by heating it so the hole will be filled and blended, and air is not leak anymore.

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Air Compressor Paper Model template

Air Compressor Paper Model

Comments (4)
  • nex  - sep2
    mantap bang :grin
  • Yudhie Hatmadji  - waiting for instruction
    Instruction please...
  • dita  -
    wwwaaaaaa gokiiiillll mpe ada tarifnya gitu hahhaahha indonesia banget....
  • kenshi  - cara pakai?
    mana nih intuksinya...... hehehehhehehe waiting nih.....
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