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Toy Story - Jessie Cowgirl Papercraft

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This is a third papercraft with the same scale after Woody and Buzz papercraft from toy story movies. Jessie the yodeling cowgirl in the movie is one of rare toys of the roundup gang. I still use flat joints for Jessie just like Woody papercraft has and also it has the same display stand with a little modification.

Both arms and legs are use the same flat joints like woody has, you can see woody instructions on his joints here. Joints for her arms are parts number 42 and her legs are parts number 43. 15+39 means that part is an assembly of part 15 and 39. Roll part 15 until it formed a cylinder and roll part 39 into solid rolled paper and insert it inside part 15 then press both ends so you will have a bulged shoulder (please refer to woody instructions)

There are many ways to attach her arms to her body. On this picture you can see how arms attached to her body, this way you cannot move her arms, unless you want to display her arm pose on this position.

Finish head parts first then attach her hat and glue it at the desire position.

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Toy Story - Jessie Cowgirl Papercraft template

Toy Story - Jessie Cowgirl Papercraft

Comments (10)
  • Christian J. Ramirez  - YEAH
    MY sister is going to love this!THANKS! :woohoo:
  • arief
    your work is always amazing thank you
  • elliot
    so wats next after jessie? can it be zurg?
  • setya adi saputra  - wow!!!!!!
    [color=blue][/color][size=x-small][/size] wowowowowo! ! ! ! ! kreeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnndddddd! ! ! !
  • Anonymous
    HERMOSA!!!! GREAT WORK :woohoo:
  • nano
    how i can do that ?? :pinch:
  • Maribel
    cual es la contraseña para los archivos , me es imposible descargalos se los agradeceria mucho q me ayudaran mi hijo les encanta este tipo de trabajaos mil gracias de antemano
  • Fahmi  - Thank You
    Last week I had to create "Karnaval" costumes made from paper for my kids... and I end up browsing this sites and immediately recognize you the star wars costume man.. :) Well, I think I'm starting to love it... Just finished the initial Lightning Mc Queen model, and now I'm planning to work on this Toy Story series... Thank you so much.. You are amazing..!!
  • adrys
    me parece algo geniaaaaaaaaaaal, no puedo descargarlas, pero de verdad me parecen un trabajo geniaaaaaaal....felicidades :)
  • ammii
    cute :0
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