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M-14 Rifle 1/1 Paper Model

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We've got a new rifle model from DarkAntz MKII. Of course, it fixed with 1:1 scale. Files are 8.23 MB, therefore they have been divided into 6 parts, in order to facilitate the download. according to my knowledge M14 rifle is a very accurate rifle. Although I only ever use  them in the game call of duty 4 but if you look at the video review it seems that's true. DarkAntz MKII open for you if you want to request another weapon designs, you can visit his facebook page at papernoobiecom. These files can also be downloaded at




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M14 Part 1 templates - M14 Part 2 - M14 Part 3 - M14 Part 4 - M14 Part 5 - M14 Part 6

M-14 Rifle 1/1  Paper Model