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Mass Effect M8 Avenger Rifle Paper Model

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This is the first model that I release in 2011. Actually the model I did the first time is robot ED-209, but when I'm looking for the blueprint I found a photograph of M8 rifle Avenger from Mass Effect (Game). Then I immediately suspend ED-209 to make that awesome rifle paper model. This Paper model consists of 18 pages of A4, colored version first, then soon I also will publish the blank version. As usual the templates has never been tested, is likely to need a bit reinforcement. I recommend using paper 200 grams or more. Enjoy the templates :).




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Mass Effect M8 Avenger Rifle Paper Model templates (Single PDF)

Download partially Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

Blank templates click here

Mass Effect M8 Avenger Rifle Paper Model

Comments (7)
  • Lex  - model
    Gorgeous model from my favorite game. Thank you very much, Julius!
  • Kevin Chapman
    Wow, first this rifle, then ED-209, then Sinanju? You are too much man. Thank you so much for all your hard work!
  • Nikita
    Thank you :)
  • Timothy Allen Shifflett  - mass effect m8 avenger rifle paper model
    hello, i tried to open it in the pdf file format and i got a window saying files for this paper model are damaged, i just wish people who design paper model would quit using the win-zip file or rar to open the paper models i don't have the money to buy that software to use that type of format.
  • Vasily
    Thank you for this great model! :woohoo: What do you think of a transformable version of the rifle? Is it possible to make it?
  • STEVEN C BERGER  - Parts 26, 46, 48, and 47 not fitting together
    Hi Julius, love your work, and have made many of your models with no problems. I am having issues getting part 48 to line up to part 47, and also getting part 46 to match up to part 47. The rest of the parts go together fine. It appears to me that part 48 may have been created at a different scale than part 47? I tried enlarging part 48 in Photoshop by 10% and 20% but they still aren't working. I saw the patch you created and posted on Facebook (thanks for that) but it still doesn't match up to part 47. Height-wise its much shorter. Part 46 appears to be too narrow to fit to part 47. Has anyone else noticed this issue or is there a work-around? Thanks Steve
  • Roman
    SUPER :woohoo:
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