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Valentine Bear Papercraft

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Actually my first idea was to make papercraft of two lovers in a small boat on a lake. With umbrella shaded the girl I plan to make them simple enough, but that romantic picture was suddenly changed, because I imagine there is a monster lake lurking below them haha. I always scared if left alone in a small boat in the middle of a lake. My imagination always says there's something beneath the boat. So finally I decided to make a more cuty, kawaii valentine papercraft. This cute bear We have 2 versions in pink and in light blue pattern.

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Valentine Bear Papercraft templates

Valentine Bear Papercraft

Comments (10)
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Feishuet  - I can't download this pattern
    Hi..I can seem to download the valentine bear. The download link link's me elsewhere...Please let me know which link should I click?
  • formal
  • Anonymous  - I could help
    Someone could spend the DOWNLOAD LINK PLEASE
  • keroraina  - Download
    Donde lo puedo descargar???De todas las paginas me traen aqui :(
  • pos_ch  - Link is broken
    Please repair :woohoo:
  • Anonymous
    find this click in this sentence [u]Valentine Bear Papercraft templates[/u]. i had download.
  • ngân  - for download
    find and click this sentence [u]Valentine Bear Papercraft templates[/u]
  • ngân  - for download
    find and click this sentence [u]Valentine Bear Papercraft templates[/u]
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