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Robocop - ED-209 Part 3 (Final) Paper Model

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Finally part 3 (Final) of ED-209 robot from Robocop movie is ready for download. These leg parts spread into 19 pages with 1/6 scale, and 6 pages for 1/10 scale. There are some symmetrical parts that use a same number. Next model will be Sinanju Gunam torso part.


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Robocop - ED-209 Part 3 (Final) Paper Model templates

Download part 3 partially  : Part 1 - Part 2

Robocop - ED-209 Part 3 (Final) Paper Model

Comments (11)
  • robin
    awesome. can't wait to build this one! :cheer: many many thanks
  • [ P ] r i [ T ] e
  • Tom Scriven  - ED-209
    Hi Jules, Thanks so much for designing such a Beautiful model and for all your hard work I appreciate It very much. Sincerely Tom
  • Anonymous  - Thanks
  • Anonymous
    Para JULIO Me encanta tu traje ese de las galaxias y se me pasas a nuestro tamaño de escala 1:70 de altura te lo agradezco.
  • Hans Eddie  - NECESITO UN TRAJE
    Para Julio me encanta tu traje ESE de las Galaxias y sí me pasas un Nuestro Tamaño de Escala 1:70 de Altura Te lo agradezco.
  • TONY
    Hi I have just finished this model and I think that you have done a amazing job. I have have not been making paper models for long and found that this model was not that difficult. GREAT JOB :)
  • Laurent
    juste...grandiose !!! ça va surement m'enerver pour le faire nickel, mais c'est magnifique merci
  • saiedabdo  - good
    it is v good
  • Scott Morries  - Very bad
    :angry: I think it is a very cool model unfortunately when I try To download the parts it gives me only part 3 final. I download part 1 and part 2 and when I open them all of them is part 3. I have mailed you before concerning this and never received a reply. I am very dissapointed seeing that you design such great models but when there is a problem and someone ask for your help you do not even bother to give a reply. very very DISSAPOINTED
  • Julius Perdana
    Scott, the title of this article is "Robocop - ED-209 Part 3 (Final) Paper Model" , which mean this is a part 3 only (final part). Because the file is big, exceeding 2 megs so I make it available to download partially, part 1 and part 2, that are all part 3. To download part 1 and part 2 of this ED-209 part you must search for ed-209 on the search box, or you can find the links on Similar article list below the download links. I always make separate articles for a big project like this ED-209, because I release them one at a time, for example when part 1 is released there were no part 2 because it were not made yet. Then when part 2 is finished I will release it in a different article. Why I'm not just make 1 article for one model? because this is a blog format site, the more article the better, and to make it more visible to the follower.
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