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Sith Persuader Light Saber Papercraft

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Light saber paper model by DarkAntz MKII (Papernoobie). When he watched Star Wars episode III and with his custom light sabre "The Sith Persuader" in his hand, he thought "why not I make this into papercraft". So he just emailed me this file, it is quite large about 5 megs, but don't worry I have split it into 4 rar file parts. The actual light sabre is a custom made by PneumoniaProne.

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Sith Persuader Light Saber Papercraft templates (Full)

Download Partial : Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Sith Persuader Light Saber Papercraft

Comments (2)
  • Morell  - download
    I like this model, but I can't download it. (Using firefox), unusuable links are on 'part 4' and 'Sith Persuader Light Saber Papercraft (Full)', so please, check it.
  • Morell  - Sorry
    I see it works, but I didn't saw the download ling under these terms of use. I looks like commercial spot.
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