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Scout Trooper Armor Templates : Utility Belt

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This is the first part of scout trooper / biker scout hard armor templates. Recomended to use PVC plastic sheet or other plastic material instead of using paper or card, because this armor is going to be wearable. You can smooth the surface by add epoxy putty then sanding it until smooth enough to add paint. Templates is a PDO file which you can open and print it using pepakura viewer. I'll be releasing other parts after this. For more information about scout trooper armor, what need to suit a scout trooper visit

Me in my humble work place, Paper Replika workshop

All parts are already painted in white

me and my speederbike ^ ^

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Open the PDO file with Pepakura Viewer (recommended software)
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Scout Trooper Armor Templates : Utility Belt template

Scout Trooper Armor Templates : Utility Belt

Comments (7)
  • Gimpee  - Great
    Great Work, Thanks :)
  • Ярослав
    Wow :woohoo: Thanks
  • Anonymous  - ini diaaaaa.yang ditunggu2,..btw pattern helmnya k
  • Holgi
    you're really the greatest! i love your work. go on, pal. longing for your next hit. :!: :woohoo: :) holgi
  • Armada Volya
    I just got my laugh of the day watching that video. Love the way people were reacting. Arts
  • Jaran Kast  - thanks
    wow thanks the work looks grate. i have been looking everywhere for scout armor patterns.. i cant wait for the rest.
  • Leo  - Need Help!!
    Anyone know where I can find references to make a clone trooper helmet? Thanksss!!!! :evil: :evil:
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