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Sinanju Gundam Papercraft - Arm Part

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This is it, Sinanju Gundam's Arm part model kit. As usual it comes with 2 size. Next parts will be the back booster, shield and gun or cannon. Sometimes I don't know what to say, I'm not good on words, but I had to write something so google bot can see this article as a unique one, hahaha. If you see there is no instructions yet, that's mean it still under constructions, please come back another time. Sinanju Gundam model kit.

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Sinanju Gundam Papercraft - Arm Part templates

Sinanju Gundam Papercraft - Arm Part templates - Small Version

Sinanju Gundam Papercraft - Arm Part

Comments (10)
  • tiger
    :cheer: I love it.
  •  - THANKS
    thanks U a lots...and waiting next parts...tks.... :lol:
  • pampam
    knp ya sinanju saya condong ke depan badan nya? kayak nya kaki ga kuat nahan beban badan gtu.. solusi nya gmn nih? sayang bgt gundam bagus gini tp miring kedepan.. :(
  • pampam  - nanya nih
    knp ya sinanju saya badan nya condong ke depan? kayak kaki ga kuat nahan beban badan gtu. sayang gundam bagus gini tp miring kedepan. solusi nya gmn ya??? :(
  • Anonymous  - no
    not good , too small
  • zneyko  - Tnx
    Thanks...waiting for the booster and cannon.... :lol: :)
  • Anonymous  - .....
    How can i put part number four?
  • Jay Polini
    I just finalized the Head and Torso parts. Paintedall BLACK with atomic pencil.!
  • Kellin F
    Keep up the amazing work. I just started building it and i can't wait for the pack and cannon
  • simonrohi  - ......
    Where do I put the part no.11?
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