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Gundam Nadleeh - Akwos Papercraft (Waist)

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Waist part for Nadleeh Akwos Gundam model paper kit from Wanda Bachtiansyah. It supposed inside gundam category but I temporary put it on news category because recently there is Sinanju Gundam on top of the page, I don't want it overlapped by this new Nadleeh's part and become hidden from view. How to assembly images of this craft kit is on link below the papercraft templates link

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Gundam Nadleeh - Akwos Papercraft templates (Waist)


Gundam Nadleeh - Akwos Papercraft (Waist)

Comments (5)
  • tiagokonde  - LEGS?
    When are the legs coming out?
  • tiagokonde  - LEGS?
    when are the legs coming?
  • Anonymous
    Thanks for the new update. I've been realy intreasted in this build.
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    :X Leeegs Please ;)
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