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- All templates usually in PDF format, use Adobe Acrobat Reader to open it. You can use more lighter software but if the templates color is wrong or error, please use Adobe Acrobat Reader.
- Some templates use PDO. You can use Pepakura Viewer to open it
- All Paper Replika templates are password protected, all use the same password, password :
- Sometimes template with large size is compressed, extract it first with WinRar or WinZip.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
1. Can I request a template? Yes you can, feel free to request but I can't promise it will be made at all or will be made in some framed time.
2. Do you do commissioned template? Yes I do professional commissioned project , please write to me.
3. How to submit my own design? Please send your design to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with a short biodata of you (optional)
4. How to submit built photos? Please send your photos to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with a short biodata of you (optional) or tag me on Facebook


Comments (200)
  • john  - are we gonna see any new airliners??
    :D is there a chance that we might be seeing any new airliners soon :) maybe an airbus a 380???? :D :idea:
  • Some-one  - Donate
    Kalo mo donasi via transfer bank gimana? :)
  • Vik Garcia  - Necesito ayuda
    hi!!! estoy armando el modelo de sinanju y quiero compartir mi progreso de este, como puedo subir fotos a la galería? Agradesco de antemano al que me pueda ayudar..
  • Vik Garcia  - Necesito ayuda
    hola! Estoy armando El Modelo de Sinanju y Quiero Compartir mi Progreso de este, Como Puedo subir fotos una galería de Los Ángeles? Agradesco de antemano al Que me pueda Ayudar ..
  • gandi
  • pkqq
    :woohoo: i love this web
  • haikal 325325  - haikal
    :) hallo
  • haikal 325325  - haikal abdurrahaman
    siapa indo ya saya tidak kenal
  • haikal 325325
  • victor
    exelente arma...!!
  • victor
    Me parece que los creadores de esta pagina hicieron algo bueno, enseñar la cratividad que tienen las demas personas y es gracia a uds, los felicito.
  • napri
    this is great :cheer:
  • Timothy Allen Shifflett  - when will the renault 8x4 dump truck and trailer b
    still awaiting on the trailer to the renault dump truck to be put on the website, even though the website shows it coming soon , well when is soon. 5 years from now i was just wondering, seems like every other new paper model gets on here before the ones that say coming soon does
    :angry: ikut doand jadi anggota cara daftar.a gmana sie
  • I. Dario Lzmed  - great site
    thanks kids, maybe build for my son
  • godwind9
    Thank you ^o^ :woohoo:
  • autcitgt4
    :woohoo: thank
  • suryono
    ijin gabunk yah gan.... :cheer:
  • na
    :cheer: hello i love this web
  • CARLOS ALBERTO ARANGO  - agradecimientos
    :cheer: que bien por los modelos que se pueden encontrar en esta pagina
  • oge
    holly crap! this is my old hobby....i think i'm goin to start my hobby all over again from now... :)
  • amir
    hello if i want to put models that i made in here for public using what i must to do.
  • José Matos
    Thanks for your great work. I'm retaired and so I'm going to build a lot of your wonderfull models, that you so kindly give us for download.
  • Luis Enrique Hojo
    :( Dedar friend. I just read and get noticed about the fact that a good friend of yours had passed away recently. My mourns and grieve for Him. I find too that He was an enthusiastic colaborator of yours. I'm thinking why good people has to die sooner and the bad guys always remain in this world. But according to your partner from paper hobby website. God must have manyh plans for everyone and this friend of yours leave us so soon but some day we will meet again. Cheers and may He rest in Peace.
  • nicky
    Sorry, I'm Vietnamese. I can't find the radio button to download. Please, help me. Thanks so much. :(
  • Gerd Kurz  - Help
    Hello people, I need your help. I work at a working group for the paper's History of the model in a museum. I need for an exhibition of various specimens of fruit from Germany. Apples, pears, grapes, peaches and bananas. Does anyone of you free downloads of paper models and the links on the Internet, you can also open, as some websites have expired. I am very pleased with this card includes your answers. Many greetings from Germany sends you Gerhard
  • cleiton
    po show the ball :D
  • ALESSIO  - Ciao a Tutti
  • Yhuko
    Keren banget sangat membantu :lol: B)
  • Carlos  - Gracias
    Gracias por estos buenisimos modelos.
  • aurelio martin
    gracias por los modelos
  • Bayu Putra Dewata
    top markotop aja dech
  • tion
    terima kasih saya jadi tidak bosan dan suntuk sendiri :woohoo: :cheer:
  • andisahriadi
    lanjutkan!!!! :woohoo:
  • eko suprihono
    :) siiplah
  • strangerwang  - Sinanju Cannon?
    I'm already finish MSN-06S Sinanju all part ,hope master maker Cannon
  • idi
  • Yayik
    juragan memang jenius :lol: ijin gabung yah
  • David  - Thanks
    :) Your models are awesome, thanks
  • Satria Muchlis  - Makasih
    Makasih bang Julius, udah terima saya di :cheer: lain kali saya akan share hasil build saya di website abang... :lol:
  • Dhian Argo Wibowo  - makasih
    Makasih banyak mas Julius, dah approve. Mari berkarya :P
  • david  - hi
    i like it :P
  • herman widiyanto
    :woohoo: great !!! mantaappff, two tumbs
  • haris mulyadi
    ciaaamikkk ... mantapz bang julius
  • Juan Carlos Mondaca
    Gracias Julius exclente sitio web, tengo un problemita no puedo bajar aviones como el Douglas DB8 N3, sabés por que Gracias
  • lucho
    hola a toda la comunidad quiero pedirles un favor: donde puedo conseguir las piernas de gundam unicorn x5 les agradeceria
  • lucho
  • Matthew
    Do you think you can make a Boeing model like maybe a Boeing 777 or a Boeing 737? Because all of your commercial airliners are Airbus and I just want to make some Boeing planes instead of 20+ A330. Thanks!
  • Muh Mukhlis Prasojo  - bwt anak saya nich..
    terima kasih banyak bang.. wat anak saya nich..
  • Haryo A. Wardana
    permisi semuanya, ada saran nih kalo mau papermodel pesawatnya bisa terbang kasih pemberat di bagian moncong aja luas kertasnya itu diambil dari keliling yg diperluin utk ruang pesawatnya, 2x(panjang+lebar) tapi ini cuman untuk yg konfigurasi sayap utama ditengah (normal) aja
  • Nizar Muhammad
    :D B)
  • pedro_villanueva_cerpa
    hola, soy de Peru, la pagina es excelente, soy fan de modelos macross, si pudieran colgar modelos de esto les agradeceria mucho
  • itok
    aq baru nich aq mau tanya soal download papercraf dr web nich gmn? hehehehe aq pengen banget buat tp gk bisa downloadnya (msh bingung)
  • Kevin
    :cheer: Super emocionado gracias :woohoo:
  • alejo
    :D :lol: :cheer: :D esto es genial muchas gracias :evil:
  • yossam
    wih seni papercraft emang menarik, mohon bantuan dan arahan semua a
  • Abi Cipto
    salam kenal dari saya,sungguh menarik sekali karyanya, mau nanya biasanya bahan kertas apa yang digunakan untuk membuat tersebut?
  • rex  - rex
    :( susah downloadnya
  • Danu Supriyanto
    hai semua,,,saya pendatang baru nih,,,gimana cara nya download nya ya...?
    GABUNNNGGG anggota baru yaw???
  •  - gabung
    gabungan bro.. :evil:
  • adhit n roses
    gundam terbaru ada ngak?
  • tiko
    kereeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnn :kiss:
  • pily
    download download... gmn download'y,kasi tau dong yang tau... :X :( :?: :?:
  • selisun
    gmna download'a gan
  • aan
    gan, jelasin donk gmn cara mendownload'a..... :( :?: :?: :?: :?:
  • patrick  - haloo..
  • hendit setiawan  - salut up
    Kk semua salam kenal....kk smw lau ada saran saya ni tambah model untuk militarry nya seperi howizter 105,kaliber 155fh buatan singapore atau yg lain pasti keren ..makaseh kk
  • ahmad khozen
    cara downloadnya gimana si?
  • Princes
    kok mnta paswodd :(
    ijin gabung gan...yang dari indo banyak ga?
  • sartika siregar
    yang dari indonesia please kasih tau donk gimana cara downloadnya saya baru gabung ni :) :cheer:
  • devatma  - mohon bantuannya..
    Halo semua.. saya baru disini.. Mohon bantuannya.. Terima Kasih.. :cheer:
    kok susah download
  • Ahmad
    :( download nya bgimana ya
  • superlianton
    gimana cara download nya nih??? :angry:
    Bagaimana cara mengunduhnya? :unsure:
  •  - doddy
    tolong mas.......
    Sudah bisa downloadnya,....sekarang bagaimana mencari petunjuk perakitan? tolong donk.......
  • anandika
    gimana ini bingung gue.. :S
  • wira  - pengen belajar
    gimana cara downloadnya setelah lihat diacra hitam putih jd tertarik pengen nyoba, tp ada ga ya replika alat berat,,hkhkhk bwt praktek replikanya, so downloadnya gimana
  • zulfi
    gimana cara downloadnya :confused:
  • zulfi
    gimana cara downloadnya :confused:
  • Beebo
    I think paper model is amazing!! I like Disney Toy Story and My first paper model is Buzz Lightyear. Thank you for all paper model. I very like it. :kiss:
    kok engga lengkap sih reflikanya. mau cetak trak. tapi cuman ada boxnya aja. egga ada kepalanya
  • Tangguh
    ijin gabung ya gan.... sebagai pemula, minta arahannya ya gan..... :P
  • agung tantilaka
    :evil: :silly: :P :unsure:
  • Yazid Aufar
    :( Masih bingung Gan cara downloadnya gimana :?:
  • heriz  - Aseeekkk
    MAntebzzz dahhhh
  • aedynoer
    :X masih bingung
  • Ismail
    yang udah didownload itu diprint dikertas apa ya?
  • aan sutanto
    gak bisa dunlud bro.
  • Mickey
    Does anyone have paper model of mi-24 helicopter
  • qiqi
    mencoba hobi baru..... gimana y gan cara gabung and dowload y.... mohon bantuan nya y gan????? :woohoo: :cheer:
  • ispyn
    ijin gbung puh. . . tentunya ane btuh bgt saran dri sepuh sini. . .hehe
  • ybnav on  - keren
    kerem abis coyy... bikin kreatif
  • bagus  - ask
    cara ngedownload replika yg tinker bell gimana caranya all
  • bagus  - PROTES
    WOY admin berenyaho ngadownload na ., tiap di download file na kosong ??? :evil:
  • Uprizal madani pratama  - fg
    gampang downloadnya :lol:
  •  - Perfect
    Perfect ;)
  • andy yudhiatian  - download
    download nya gimana yach????
  • Dwi Rahmadi
    baru join gan :cheer: seneng banget sama papermodel bisa ngisi waktu luang nd malahan jad hobby
  • Dwi Rahmadi
    gan mau tanya ada yg tau intruksi tuk buat ak-47 gag :whistle:
  • hendriko  - Luar Biasa...Boekan maen daaah...
    :woohoo: ...manteb buangeeeet....keep up the good work guys...i'm proud of you guys...
  • heni
    bagaimana untuk pasword....? di isi paswod apa....mohon bantuannya
  • farid zahran
    cari cara bikinnya dimana yah? pliss cara ngedownloadnya gimana? :pinch:
  • Helen
  • rauf
    :whistle: ngomong nya samoe mana ya?
  • puncak  - kertas yg mana yaa????
    :dry: kalo mau buat pake kertas yg kayak gimana yaa :?:
  • febri ga  - kertas
    lebih baik, pake kertas yang bagaimana sich.
  • E-Jan  - Newbe
    :woohoo: Hallo Salam kenal ya gan......
  • mefta
    gan gmana cara downloadnya?? :cheer:
  • lucas  - Q&A
    how tall is the optimus prime model (the big one)? :?:
  • susan
    :evil: :side:
  • Akatsuki  - Hudin_Uchiha
  • teguh
    ijin download ya
  • Ahmad Ridwan
    tertarik nich
  • Ganang
    gimana om cara donload pola.a kasih tau dong ke kita jangan pelit :huh: :huh:
    kertas jenis apa yg paling bagus buat print ya gan???
  • Rizky Olivia Putri
  • Rizky Olivia Putri
  • reza vega fauzi
    om gimana cara ngedownload nya.........
  • reza vega fauzi
    om minta pasword nya buat ngedownload nya
  • Nahnu
    Gmn cara.a memilih replika yg diinginkn?
  • merian
    keren abisssss :D
  • Achmad Giefarli
    Gmna Cara Buat Skets YG kita inginkan sendiri TNK's
  • Nizar Muhammad
    bisa minta di print kan lalu dikirim ke surabaya bisa gak om jul soalnya kesusahan pengen nya modelnya agak besar tapi kecil
  • Taufik Kurniawan  - Salute
    Q nge-fans ma Om Julius. hehehehehehe :cheer:
  • antonteguh
    :woohoo: great and simple
  • andre budi
    galauuuuuuuuu men tunguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu barangnya belummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmpai :P :evil: B)
  •  - KERREN.....(KERanjang duREN)
  •  - gimana cara download gmbarnya
    gimana cara download gambarny
  • adhitya sukma putra
    newbie ijin gabung Gan
  • kuang
    newbie ijin gabung !! :D walu masih cupu wkwkwk
  • gerry  - woi
    babi lo :evil:
  • michael zafrin
    download biar bkin sndiri gmn si bang :?:
  • ardi krismanuel
    ikut gabung :woohoo:
  • K Bishara  - Hi, from Kahoody.
    Hi, Julius. Great site and profile! :)
  • denny
    masih newbie nih. cara downloadnya gamna sih? mohon pencerahannya :?:
  • candra
    gmna cara downloadnya :confused: :dry:
  • teguh
    ko sekarang tiap didownload ga jalan terus ya? Tolong direview linknya/servernya
  • capri
    masih belom bisa download iron man part2.. jadinyah indek.php terus niiihhhh
  • Taufik Rochman S
  • teddy lastiko  - newbie
    keren paper replika,,, tapi mohon recomended cara buatnya menggunakan kertas jenis apa,, kan kertas lemes gitu
    gimana cara downloadnya ? :confused:
  • luis alfaro
    Hi, it's great page!!
  • John  - Change templates size
    Hello guys. Please. can anyone give some instructions on how to change the size of the templates with photoshop or corel draw? maybe someone can upload a video on youtube or an instructions with images or something else. Just please anyone who knows please share this with us. Thanks.
  • Juan Carlos Mondaca  - Pude descargar!!!
    Gracias Julio El dia 13 de julio de este año te mandé un mensaje ya que no podía descargar el Dougla DB8 A y lo quería ya que mi abuelo lo volo en la Fuerza Aerea Argentina. Hoy, por fin lo lo pude descargar y lo voy a pintar de los colores de la Fuerza Aerea Argentina y con la matricula del avion demi abuelo,como homenaje Gracias!!!! Juan Carlos
  • sunny segara
    tes :0
  • amateur  - Salam gabung yaa
    Salam gabung yaa :lol:
  • Nizar Muhammad  - papercraft mobil bandara
    om jul buat model papercraft yang mobil-mobil bandara dong B) :lol: :woohoo: :idea: :idea:
  • maim  - izin join yak om
    mantabs om, ane udh lama tau neh tpi baru skrg join.. hehe. btw makasih bgt yak
  • irwan
    msh agak bingung downloadnya
  • Kyle Mardis  - Thanks for letting me join
    bagaimana cara mendownload gambarnya :huh:
    bagaimana cara mendownloadnyaa :) :unsure: :P :!: :!: :!: :!:
  • lukman
    halo, slam kenal semuanya :lol:
  • kun hadipati kusuma negara
    nebwe ikut gabuuuunggggg,,, i love this paper replika
  • zanzan yudha
  • Baron Abstrak
    mw tanya kertas plus print bwat Iron Man War Machine Poseable, kira2 bugetnya berapa y, jadi tinggal motong ma rakit ja... terima kasih B)
  • Egi rianto
    suggoi :mantap
  • rizky azhari abietto
    kak bisa gak copas aja papercraftnya :D
  • M. Bayu Mario
    Barangnya udah sampai mas.. Mantap cutting mat A3 + tweezernya !
    thx banyak bgt yg bsa k'download
  • albeiro
    :evil: hola porfa necesito la armadura de maquina de guerra escala 1-1
  • sherman
    :cheer: I like here!
  • Deni Erlangga
    manteb banget pelayanannya.. fast respon.. hari sabtu order, selasa nyampe.. tinggal SMS, transfer, konfirmasi, langsung kirim.. Thanks gan buat responnya
  • Bill  - Thanx a MILLION for the deluxe OPTIMUS PRIME Model
    I've been working on the deluxe Prime model for about 2 months now, and have the head and torso done! This is one of the most complex models I've ever attempted, but I have years of experience so even tho its difficult, I've figured out may way around the head and torso and they turned out PERFECT! Will start on the arms tomorrow. Thanks so much for this and all your models, Julius. "YOU DA MAN!"
  • Hector Martinez
    Good job. I like it! :cheer:
  • abi
    :D mantap gan
  • Erick  - Testimonial
    Just bought a set of papercrafting tools from this website.. Very good service, fast delivery, and very sturdy packaging.. Very recommended for purchase :) Keep up the good work
  • Gabriel M. Gomez
    amazing job on the crafts i love them all. :side:
  • arian grana  - kyuubi
    hi! when i first saw this page, i was amazed. coz when started doing some paper craft, i started at cubeecraft (which are cubes) then i saw this onw of a kind models. so i decided to make one. the first one i made is the thousand sunny ( still in construction) . just wanna ask.can you please make a model of kyuubi ( 9 talied demon fox) the one in naruto series. coz im a fan of naruto ever since. i hope that you've come to that. thanks by the way :)
  • Henry
    mantap gan , ini baru suatu karya seni :cheer:
  • ruly habsoro sandhi  - i like it
  • ruly habsoro sandhi
    aku sukaa :cheer:
  • John Dohmen  - US Coast Guard boat
    Hello Julius, Downloaded this little model, and tried to open the PDF file with the password provided on the site, but for some reason the file will not open. Can you be of any help, so that I can open the file ?? John.
  • Aken
    thank you for sharing :woohoo:
  • Arif Arrohman
    hallo salam kenal semuanya B)
  • Rahma
    izin download
  • Luca
    ;) :lol: Beautifull web
  • hascaryo
    ijin gabung om
  •  - me faltan plantillas para optimus prime
    Hola gente, alguno me podra facilitar las plantillas de optimus prime parte 2d que las descargue todas menos esas y no las puedo encontrar
  • oliver enriquez
    sir juls when will you release gundam banshee? i can wait to start building it thank you and more power
  • Gabriel  - Sword Impulse Gundam Paper Model
    Hola, primero decir que esta pagina es increíble y segundo preguntar para cuando la cuarta parte de Sword Impulse Gundam Paper Model
  • juan carlos  - fELICIDADES
  • zul  - downlond
    salam, macamana cara nak downlond?
  • achmad
    Manap barang telah mendarat tanpa lecet,packaging rapih + harga terjangkau.rekomended seler...
  • endrew seacrest
  • eason sapalo
    HAHA what the PERFECT web!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
  • Boika  - MLP
    Hello! I really love your paper crafts! I just wanna ask if you will redo the other MLPs like you did Fluttershy, Applejack and Rainbow Dash with the pedestal? They look so amazing, I would really like to do all the characters! :)
  • Ely  - Password
    Hola, el password cambio? no puedo bajar nada
  • subrahhmanyam gopisetti
    hi, thnq for this tremedous effort
  • Ares
    thanks :)
  • Leila
    siang, barang sdh tiba dengan aman dan selamat, makasih ya
  • fahmi tubagus
    gak bisa download :evil:
  • aktaeon  - Thank you
  • aktaeon  - Thank you
  • bogs
    thanks a lot
  • jokosulistyo
    B) cool
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