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Progress on Optimus Prime Papercraft

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Still rough shapes, need to refine and add more details.

Now I'm 3D modeling his head using view drawing I made previously. Side view didn't match with front view so I will stick on front view and figure out the shape from photos.


Progress on Optimus Prime Papercraft

Comments (7)
  • Anwar  - I can wait
    Man, this project is amazing, you are making a piece of art. I can wait the final product. :zzz
  • Yudhie Hatmadji  - Mantabs
    Semangat om
  • Blackhorsie  - Good for you!
    Amazing proyect dude! Hope you can finish, is gone be awesome... I very like this transformers`s models. Keep on the good work! Check out if this can help: :)
  • Julius Perdana  - Thank you
    thanks blackhorsie for the link. But I;m afraid it cannot be use to papercraft, too simple.. I need more detail, I really appreciate your help thank you my friend :) yeah this is gonna be super cool
  • Julius Perdana  - thanks bro
    thanks bro for the support :)
  • anchoex
    That's a great Job...Bro.......!U're the great creator of New Transformers...! Welldone...!
  • semon  - keren
    keren mas
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