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Axioo Paper Craft Contest

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Axioo Indonesia and Paper Replika have a paper craft contest for you paper crafter who live in Indonesia. The contest is to make the coolest Axioo Mecha Unit with your own texture, you also can freely add modification on the templates or the mecha parts. In example you can add your custom weapon, or replace the original one with your own, you may also change its cockpit shape. We will pick 3 winners based on their works and 1 based on photo likes. We have the blank templates and contest details download links below. Please contact for further information.

Winner Prizes :
I : Hardisk 750 GB + Goodie Bag
II : Hardisk 500 GB + Goodie Bag
III : Hardisk 320 GB + Goodie Bag
"based on like" : USB 4 GB + Goodie Bag

The competition will be start tomorrow October 5th to November 2nd 2011

Contest details (PDF)
AMU blank templates

Axioo Paper Craft Contest

Comments (2)
  • christopher aka bamboogila  - I'm IN
    I'm in... :D :woohoo:
  • hairstock  - join the contes
    :woohoo: let's go guyss........
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