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Peterbilt 379 - Optimus Prime Vehicle Mode

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This beautiful truck would be my first 379 Peterbilt series paper model, and if you are lucky enough, I would have the trailers available too :). Adopted 1/24 scale this 379 is spanning 33.125 cm from its nose to the end its rear wheel cover. Recommended you use 2 type of papers, pages 1-7 you may use glossy paper. Three modified 379s appeared in live-action film "Transformers" as Autobot-leader optimus-prime's vehicle mode.

Peterbilt 379 - optimus-prime Vehicle Mode

Peterbilt 379 - optimus-prime Vehicle Mode

There was much controversy over this in the Transformers fan community because optimus-prime is almost always portrayed in the various cartoon series as a flat-nose cabover semi-trailer truck (or later as a fire engine); his movie incarnation would be the second with an extended nose conventional cab (following his role in 2002-03's Transformers: Armada). The filmmakers have said that, ignoring the fan-termed "mass shifting" associated with the series, Optimus's final official height of 28ft (almost 10m) in robot mode would not have been possible to allow for all of the mechanics of the CGI model if they had gone with a cab-over, which would have dropped him instead to a smaller 20ft (almost 7m). [Wikipedia]

Peterbilt 379 - optimus-prime Vehicle Mode

Peterbilt 379 - optimus-prime Vehicle Mode

Peterbilt 379 - optimus-prime Vehicle Mode

Peterbilt 379 - optimus-prime Vehicle Mode

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Peterbilt 379 - Optimus Prime Vehicle Mode templates

Peterbilt 379 - Optimus Prime Vehicle Mode
Comments (9)
  • Altug
    Hello, First I want to thank you for your valuable studies. I have a question before start to build this model. You've mentioned that pages 1-7 should be printed on glossy and 8-11 on matte paper, What should be the weight of this paper? 170 g/m2 or less ? Thanks in advance..
  • Joe Polchlopek  - You've done it again!
    Thanks Jules. It's fantastic. I will build it for my friend who drives a big rig. :)
  • Azwan Ariff  - AMAZING!!!
    You never cease to amaze me. Top quality models within a short period of time. Have not even begun on OP head now this. Hmmm.. have to really improve my skills fast to build your master pieces. Steep learning curve. THANKS Jules. Its Awesome.
  • Timothy Allen Shifflett  - hello i would like the trailer optimus
    hello i would like the trailer for optimus prime paper model if it's available for download. i can be reached at my e-mail on this
  • Timothy Allen Shifflett  - bring out the trailer for optimus prime
    hello. hell yea bring out the trailer for optimus prime and have all the transformers come out to. this i bet will bring more people to paer models for sure. oh and keep up the very good and fine details as well.
  • Superman111994  - Transformers
    Hey all, Just a heads up. Bumblebee has already made his papercraft debut. He is in a POSEABLE-FULLY ARTICULATED robot mode. Also is both his CAR MODES. 1976 Camaro and the all new Chevy Concept Camaro. these three models (and more) can be found on Thank You Jules, Claudio, and "Skip" for the great Transformers papercrafts! (skip and Claudio are from
  • calz
    :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: nice.... allsome
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
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