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French Foreign Legion Papercraft (Papersoldier Series)

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When I watched Discovery Channel about French Foreign Legion, I thought this might be a nice subject for papersoldier series. This legion is one of a kind, the only elite force which comprise about 40 nationalities Legion,as a brothers in arms served the Legion, France. They joined the legendary force for honor. The Legion first formed in 1831 by French King Louis Philippe. The paper craft kit include a distinctive Legion's weapon a FAMAS F1. Most of the part of this paper craft are the same as other papersoldier except the weapon.


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French Foreign Legion Papercraft Template

by part : part 1 - part 2 - part 3

French Foreign Legion Papercraft (Papersoldier Series)

Comments (2)
  • Mathieu Houle  - Mispelling error on the base...
    Hi there ! Juste a mispelling error on the French foreign Legion papercraft. It should read "Légion Étrangère" instead of "Légion Entrangère" That's it, keep up the great work here ! Mathieu
  • Julius Perdana
    Thanks Mathieu :) I already replace the template file with the correct spelling : Legion Etrangerem, but I didn't change the image on this page.
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