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Revision for Highschool model

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I have replaced high school girl pattern file. It has an error part (12) for the head, resulted on failure to assembly. I received many notifications about that error, sorry guys my bad.
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STAR WARS Models Colossal

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In celebrating 1 Million visitations I declared Feb 20th - March 31th is A Star Wars Models Month. It's time to payback. Thank you for your visitations, comments, compliments, suggestions, critics and donations.

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Down for maintenance

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Hi all, I just want to announce you that will be temporary down for about 4 hours at 00:00 AM to 04:00 AM February 12th 2009 local time (Indonesia) . The site needs to bring down to change overall template and to add new features.

Ceracera Paper Automata

E-mail Print is another cool papercraft site from Singapore. They design fascinating ,easy to build moving paper model and automata kits that you can make with card stock. Each model come with illustrated instruction and require only simple tools. Simply cut out the pieces, score and fold along the line, glue and assemble the parts together. Once completed, turn the handle and see your creation comes to life! 

Moving paper automata models
* Printed paper automata model kits
* Full color, easy to build moving paper model that you can build.
* Fascinating and beautiful moving paper sculpture.
* Only simple tools used, cutting knife, glue, scissors, ruler.
* Hours of fun building model together
* Stimulating and educational.
* All model comes with step-by-step , easy to following instruction.

E-mail Print is dedicated to my passionate childhood dream (my eyes wet now..LOL). I'm a big fan of Star Wars since I was a kid, the best movie I ever saw in this timeline of my life, and I never think it just a movie, it's a way of life, a religion if I may say it is. this time I'll fullfill my dream, my destiny to having my own design costume suit and off course wearing it, especially scout trooper/biker scout costume, that's why I design that first. My plan is not just star war costume primarly but other costume as well. This effort is a long term goal, I'll post step by step on how to make the costume with photos and videos and the making progresses.
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