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Micro Papercraft Collection

Some of my papercraft collection. SD Gundam RX-78-1 from N1K2-Shiden from Pocong ghost, Kuntilanak ghost, Bajaj from SD Humvee from V-PER CB750 Cafe from Toki-Canimal from Song from The Daydream - Stepping on the rainy street Visit my blog for more.

Silverballer (Colt M1911) Papercraft paper-replika IRON MAN Mk7 paper-craft Micro Papercraft Collection - Paper Replika PeriJogja-SCTV_Liputan6_2012-12-09 Liputan perikertas at Indonesia Bicara (Global TV).Part 1

Liputan perikertas at Indonesia Bicara (Global TV).Part 2 My Little Pony Papercraft: AppleJack Papercraft: Rainbow Dash paper craft Iron man mk7 part1 (paper print) Micro Papercraft Collection

AR Drone 2.0 with new NASA Hull - Auto-hover Gundam Kyrios papercraft Papercraft - Colt M1911 Ed-209 paper replica Wall-E (Meccano Spykee + Paper model)

Optimus Prime Papercraft - building progress story PAPERCRAFT WINNIE POOH Pistol Silverballer Hitman Dragunov Sniper Rifle Iron Man War Machine 1/6 paper model