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T-90 Main Battle Tank

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A former's paper model, now release for free! The T-90 is a Russian main battle tank (MBT) derived from the T-72, and is currently the most modern tank in service with the Russian Ground Forces, Naval Infantry. The successor to the T-72BM, the T-90 uses the tank gun  and 1G46 gunner sights from the T-80U, a new engine, and thermal sights. Protective measures include Kontakt-5  ERA, laser warning receivers, the EMT-7 electromagnetic pulse (EMP) creator for the destruction of magnetic mines  and the Shtora  infrared ATGM jamming system. It is designed and built by Uralvagonzavod, in Nizhny Tagil, Russia. [Wikipedia]



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T-90 Main Battle Tank template

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