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Alapalap Twin Boom Pusher RC Plane

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Actually I made this plane specifically for testing a homemade FPV cockpit with real control like control stick, throttle gauge and rudder pedals, but I feel like to release it on a separate video. This twin boom pusher RC plane is easy to build and also a very good flyer. You can use any motor from 35mm to 28mm (22mm) size motor, I use Racestar 2212 1400kv brushless motor with 8 inch prop.

Specs :
1. Wingspan 1500mm / 59 inches
2. Flying weight : 1000 grams/ 35.3 oz
3. Wing loading : 34 g/dm2 - 11.2 oz/sq.ft
4. Wing cube loading : 6.3 (Trainer : 6-7)
5. Wing Area : 29.38 dm2 / 455
6. CG : 5 cm from LE

- Racestar BR2212 1400kv brushless motor
- ESC 20A
- Battery Lipo 3S 2200mah
- 5 plastic gear 9 gram servos
- Propeller : 8x6

Materials :
1. 5mm Depron/ Polyfoam
2. 2mm Plywood
3. hot glue + CA glue + foam safe glue
4. white packing tape

Open the PDF file with Adobe Acrobat Reader (recommended software)
PDF security password : none

Alapalap RC plans (A4)
Alapalap RC plans (A0)
Build Video and maiden flight on Youtube

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