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Junkers Ju EF112 Papercraft

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This aircraft papercraft templates is designed by Rizky Ferriansyah. He made it in 1: 35 scale. The fighter-bomber and ground attack aircraft "Junkers Ju EF 112" was designed in 1942. The wings had the edge in a straight line and the short fuselage was located above them. It was designed to be powered by two piston engines Daimler Benz DB 603G, of 1,460 HP each. An engine would be mounted on the nose of the fuselage and the other on the back of it. This means that the driving force was generated by a motor "pulling" and other "push". A double line of the wings started topping two rudders. Also, both lines were coupled with a stabilizer. Below the cockpit, a compartment for housing a pump allowing pump 500 kg Armament consisted of two MK 103 guns of 30 mm. He also had the ability to carry four rockets R100. The Reich Air Ministry was not interested in this aircraft and rejected the project. Length: 10.7 meters. Estimated speed: 760 km / h. {plusone}



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