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Kung Fu Panda and R2D2 Papercraft Photos Have Been Added to Paper Replika Gallery

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Kung Fu Panda - Po papercraft built by AdhiWardhana Widjajanto for a test build, This Kung Fu Panda figurine templates is a commissioned project from a kid's magazine "Kiddo" which is only sold in Indonesia and if nothing's change it will be released as a papercraft bonus inside the magazine on Kiddo's September edition. It has been a couple of week I received many papercraft build photos, they are Chris Kastrinos from United States, he build Andy's Bedroom Diorama papercraft. Hein De Jager from South Africa he build the big Optimus Prime and also he post the video on youtube below. New Sinanju's photos from Xingmao Dashu (Uncle Panda) from Taiwan. Wall E and friends built by Thomas Glenchur. R2D2 paper model kit buildt by Biro-Szokolovszki Alpar from Romania. And the last is Haekal Muhamad from Indonesia he build Lightning McQueen, Bali Legong dancer and Bajaj Tuk Tuk Papercraft.


Click on the representative images below to see the photo albums.

Kung Fu Panda figurine papercraft

Andy's bedroom diorama papercraft

Big optimus prime papercraft

sinanju Gundam papercraft

lightning mcqueen - cars2

r2d2 droid star wars papercraft

bajaj tuk tuk papercraft

wall e and eve papercraft

bali legong dancer

Video from Hein De Jager



Andy's Bedroom Diorama papercraft


Big Optimus Prime Papercraft

Sinanju Gundam Papercraft

Lightning McQueen Cars 2 Papercraft

R2D2 Star Wars Papercraft

Bajaj Tuk Tuk Papercraft

WALL E Papercraft

Bali Legong Dancer Papercraft