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Hi All, I believe we are share the same interest, fallen in love in such a nice hobby, paper model. Paper model or paper craft is my hobby since 1992, when I was on junior high school, it's been 20 years now I'm 35. Photo below is me with my AH-64 Apache paper model in 1994. I made it by hand without any help of a computer software like nowadays. The templates also hand-drawn. The main motivation to make this site is to share the joy of making and designing paper model to all my friends around the world, that means you.

My plan is to release one or two simple paper model every week. I choose unique models. My background is Architecture. Before fully into designing paper model and web publisher as my main job I was a web and graphic designer. I had my graphic design skills not from formal education but from learning by myself.

apache paper model

thank you and enjoy the models.


Julius Perdana (TB-7847)

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