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Gundam GAT-X105 Strike Papercraft - Leg Part

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Rino finally email me the progress on his Strike Gundam template. He gave me a note about this template. Like usual the template is in RAR format, it contains 2 PDF files and 3 PDO. There are some parts that need additional glue tabs. He also advice to any builder to look both instructions in PDF and PDO files because the parts are potentially to be tricky and some joints could not be assembled if you place the wrong parts. In this template you don't need magnet like the previous one. On leg to waist joints it was advised to be modified if you feel it will not strong enough to support the upper body. Photos below assembled by Rino himself using 190 gsm Art paper. Question can be emailed to his email written in the template.


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Open the PDF file with Adobe Acrobat and PDO file with Pepakura Viewer (recommended softwares)
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Gundam GAT-X105 Strike Papercraft - Leg Part Full template

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