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Piaggio P-180 Italian Coast Guard Paper Model

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This model is the result of recoloring aircraft model that is already on paper replika, a Piaggio P-180 Avanti. This is my first time recoloring this type of aircraft. I'm coloring its livery using Italian coast guard color (guardia costiera). Not too much difference compared to the previous model, there is only little different detail. This type of aircraft is the only one owned by the Italian coast guard. Basic pattern is still the same as the previous model, which is 3 pages.




- Insert the formers first before assembly the whole fuselage
- Align the formers with the part seams, just like picture above
- Roll cylindrical parts by using pencil roll method like on the last page youtube video tutorial

- The same like previous picture, attach the former first
- Part 8 has two formers (43 & 42)
- Attach the landing gear housing (part 51), make sure the glue is harden enough before attach to part 8


- This model using inner glue tabs, (61,62,63,64,65,66,67,68,69) remember to align the parts seam to seam at the bottom
- Fold part 17 and 16 and make them curve on the up side (aerofoil shape), then glue to the nose.
- Fold part 25 and make them curve on the up side (aerofoil shape)
- Part 18, the rear bottom fin, glue to the tail with 45 degree angle

- Use part 52 for former grips, glue it into small formers to ease gripping and assembling.
- Attach formers first on part 30 before assembly the engines
- Part 27 use valley fold
- Make additional glue tabs to glue the engine to the wing.
- Follow the glue mark to glue wings and engine, the marks pointed on the front and the rear tip of the wing

- Roll tight oart 53 and 57s
- Assembly all landing gears first before glue them into the plane



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Piaggio P-180 Italian Coast Guard Paper Model template