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CCTV Security Camera Paper Model

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There were some people who asked for CCTV camera paper model link on Paper Replika Facebook page. There are already 2 existing CCTV cameras model around the net, they are simple but the idea is cool. So I thought it would be cool too if I made my own version of security / CCTV camera. This camera template is quite simple, it only has 2 pages. I color it mainly white, so it will be like ink-saver. If you think infrared camera is too much, there are 2 options to choose, infrared camera and ordinary lens. You can choose which one to build, or both. I remember when I was searching a shop who sell dummy CCTV camera for my Dad, this "dummy" camera could be useful as well. This CCTV is move-able, so you can adjust the camera angle up and down or rotate it to the left and right.


You can choose to use part number 13 or 17. If available you can add a transparent plastic sheet on the back of part 15 to simulate camera's lens glass cover. All segments are closed geometry shape to add strength.

Layer part 1 or strengthen it with 3mm card board. Insert shaft part (8) inside part (3+5+11).

Insert second shaft part (part 6) and secure it with parts 7 on both ends.

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