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Iron Patriot - Iron Man 3 Paper Model Part 2

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This template is the first template I released after more than a month break. The part 2 template contains 4 pages of colored version patterns and 5 pages of blank patterns. When completed you will have both arms with the back laser weapon? Honestly, I haven't watch this Iron Man 3 movie. Since our second child was born, my son Kyan now 10 months, we never got a chance to watch movie in theater. Because we usually go out together, two kids, our maid, my wife and me. Okay back to the template, basically both arms, left and right have the same parts (mirrored) and have the same number, so I suggest to finish one side of arm at one time and then move to build another side. The joints design is similar to previous Iron man model, so for you who have build my previous Iron Man model, shouldn't have a problem. But for you who never build one, perhaps you should check my previous template if you have any problem on the joints.

Build part 2 first then insert part 7 from the top hole. Close part 7 on the top with part 13, glue it on the glue tabs. Don't glue on part 2, so the part 7 can be rotate freely. Insert part 7 inside part 4 and glue it on the inside bottom of part 4. Now part 4 can be rotate freely.

Insert part 8 inside part 4, but don't glue it, just leave it there. Wrap around part 1 on part 2. Glue part 2 inside part 1. Don't glue on the top side of part 13, so part 4 can still be rotate freely.

Wrap around part 3 on to part 5, until it fit to the hole on on the side of the body. If part 5 still loose, you can add more paper to make it fit. Place part 5 like in the picture above then lock it with part 10. You can also wrap with paper on part 10 to make it less loose.

Glue part 41 in the 2mm cardboard the cut it. If you don't have 2 mm cardboard you can stack cardboards until it 2mm thick. Then cover the side with part supplied (blue colored), or you can color it blue with paint or ink.

Attach the hinges (part 41) on the inside side of part 33, just like in the picture above. Remove part 8 then move the lower arm then lock it by move back part 8 in its position. Cover it with part 39 and 40.

Attach detail parts on the lower arm.

The weapon is not moveable, you have to choose the position and then glue it fixed (part 21 and 23).

This is the left arm, basically have the same parts, except they are mirrored. You can choose the palm style, closed fist or open like in the picture above.

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Iron Patriot - Iron Man 3 Paper Model Part 2 colored template
Iron Patriot - Iron Man 3 Paper Model Part 2 blank template