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Extra 300 RC Plane 900 mm

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Extra 300 RC Plane 900 mm
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This new category originally was named AR Drone 2 Custom Hull. Starts from now I change it to "RC Projects". Just like the name this category will hosted many RC (Radio Controlled) projects from aircraft, boat, car or even robot, with different kind of materials not just paper, can be foam, wood, plywood, plastic, etc. I begin with this RC plane Extra 300. I use 2 kind of materials which is 3 and 5 mm foam sheet, it's familiar with the name depron foam, but in where I live it is called "polyfoam". The 2nd material is 3 mm and 9 mm plywood. The design process of this foamy RC plane is pretty similar from designing a papermodel or papercraft. The build process is also similar.

I choose Extra 300 because I enjoy flying this type of plane when I borrow my friend's plane and also this aerobatic plane has many fans. I also choose 900 mm wingspan to make it pretty compact to carry around to flying field or wherever you want to fly it. The flying weight is around 700 gram with 3S Lipo battery 2200 mAh and 600 with 1300 or 1000 mAh battery. I installed Turnigy 2831 1000kv with 9x6 propeller and 50A ESC. This motor can be fitted with 30A ESC. It needs 4 servos for ailerons, rudder and elevators. I use 60% Expo on each flight controls.

It fly great with big 3S 2200 mAh but even enjoyable with smaller 1300 mAh. Because its wheel pants you need to land it on smooth runway or short grass otherwise it may flipped over. Add little power on landing, don't cut the motor yet, it may stall. The CG (Center of Gravity) is around 6 cm from the leading edge start from the wing root. Always make the plane a bit nose heavy on the CG the maiden flight then you can adjust it after flight evaluation. In my experience you also need to trim a bit elevator to make it able to do straight rolls.

To make your build experience more clear and enjoyable I also made a build tutorial video on Youtube

. This is my first tutorial video, I will increase the quality of the lighting in the next video if I had good feedbacks on this one. This is part 1 but quite cover almost whole tricky technique that needed to build this plane. The next part will cover about preparing landing gear, mold clear canopy and others.






Assembly the fuselage with part 1,2 and 33. And then close the bottom with part 30 and 31. Place firewall (3) on the front and then middle former (7). Put rear former (6) 16.8 cm from middle former. Put part 4 on the floor in front off part 7 and then lock it with part 5 exactly in the middle of it.

Please use this Extra 300 plans for personal use only, Do not use for any commercial purpose.
By downloading the plans you have agree to follow the above terms.

Download Extra 300 - 900 mm plans

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