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P-47 Razorback DIY RC Plane

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P-47 Razorback DIY RC Plane
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About 2 months ago I made a poll about what the next radio control plane model on my Youtube Channel Community tab. The winner is the P-47 Thunderbolt 'Razorback' version. I made the model in Blender 3D, you can see the process of 3D modelling in this video. The reason I made 1200mm wingspan is to match my P-51 Mustang scale, both have 1/10 scale. It equipped with servoless retractable landing gear. I have a problem locking the landing gear strut, I just use CA glue so it don't have enough strength. I also made the plans for fixed landing gear. At first I use the wrong CG which is 7,7 cm, the correct CG after some trial is exactly 7 cm from leading edge of the wing root. The can fly straight with the correct CG but needs more power, I recommend to use 4S for maximum performance, but you can still fly with 3S for scale flying. I haven't fly any RC model on the last months so I was a bit clumsy in landing and take off.

Specs :
1. Wingspan 1200mm / 42.2 inches
2. Flying weight : 1150 grams/ 40.5 oz
3. Wing loading :51.1 gram/dm2 - 16.8 oz/sq.ft.
4. Wing cube loading : 10.8
5. Wing Area : 22.5 dm2 / 349
6. CG : 7 cm from LE (wing root)

- Tested with Hobbyking 3536 650kv Brushless motor
- Recommended motor : 500-1200kv 35 motor
- 50A ESC
- Battery Lipo 3S 2200mah 70C (recommended using 4S)
- 4 x 9 gram servos (micro servo)
- Master Airscrew 3 blade / 12x6 prop
- 85mm foam wheel
- servoless retractable landing gear

Materials :
1. 5mm Foamboard/ Depron/ Polyfoam
2. 3mm + 9mm Plywood
3. 0.5mm Mica Plastic
4. hot glue, UHU glue, CA glue
5. packing tapes / laminating film

Tools :
1. Hot glue gun
2. Heat gun
3. Covering iron


Open the PDF file with Adobe Acrobat Reader (recommended software)
PDF security password : none

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