Another German tank papermodel from paperhobby. Rizky made it in 1:35 scale. After completion of test build he finally release Hitler's mouse in his blog. The real tank was never join the battle. It was a German super-heavy tank design, and the heaviest tank to reach the complete working prototype stage in World War II.

The basic design known as the VK7001/Porsche Type 205 was suggested by Ferdinand Porsche to Adolf Hitler in June 1942, who subsequently approved it. The design up to then had been the culmination of work done by Porsche who had won the contract for the heavy tank that March. Work on the design began in earnest; the first prototype, to be ready in 1943 was initially to receive the name Mammut  (Ger. "Mammoth"). This was reportedly changed to Mäuschen  (Little Mouse) in December 1942 and finally Maus (Mouse) in February 1943.

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