This video is a continuation from previous video which is about how to design RC plane plans. When designing RC plane plans, we need to build and test it to fly so we can improve the plans. I made this model using Blender 3D program, Pepakura Designer and together with Inkscape. You can find part 1 of how to use it on my channel. This Zenith CH750 model is modelled exactly the same with the real one but it's smaller, the wingspan is 120cm or 47.2 inches. I usually modified, or enlarge the size of the wing and stabilizer when converting it to RC model, but this time I make it exactly scale for education purpose. The model finally can fly after some trial, but with some adjustment from the real one.    

Specs :
1. Wingspan 1200mm / 47.2 inches
2. Flying weight : 800 grams/ 28.2 oz
3. Wing loading : 38.1 g/dm2 - 12.5 oz/sq.ft
4. Wing cube loading : 8.3
5. Wing Area : 21 dm2 / 326
6. CG : 6 cm from slat

- Racestar BR2212 1400kv brushless motor
- ESC 30A
- Battery Lipo 3S 2200mah 
- 4 plastic gear 9 gram servos
- Propeller : 8x6

Materials :
1. 5mm Depron/ Polyfoam 
2. 2mm Plywood
3. hot glue + CA glue + foam safe glue 
4. white packing tape

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