I don't remember exactly the last time I design an aircraft beside the airliner series. Aircraft has been my passion for so long, and because that passion I was introduced to papermodel as a hobby until now. I love this cessna 172 Skyhawk a lot. This model is quite small, only 23 cm wingspan, with 1:48 scale it is perfect for your desk decoration, and it only needs 2 sheets of paper, recomended to use 160 gsm BC or 120 gsm inkjet paper. I also make a change on the entire web regarding this aircraft, I notice there are enough aircraft models to have their own category instead be inside transportation category. Cessna 172 Skyhawk is a single engine with 4 seat, with its wing on top the fuselage (high wing). Cessna 172 is the most widely use plane ever built, compared to other aircraft. And the most successful light aircraft ever produced from 1956 to date. In 2008 at least 43,000 cessna 172 had been rolled out from the production hangar.