I am an aircraft lover since I was a kid, Wilga caught my eye when I visit Satria Mandala Museum. There is a Wilga or Gelatik in that museum as a static display, it can't fly anymore, the color is yellow. It was belong to TNI AU as a utility aircraft. I need a simple plane to make in to paper model, so I remember I did took some photos of Gelatik. I was going to use those photos as references but unfortunately some photos are out of focus. So I google it and decided to make a 35A version (PZL-104 35A) because it looks like more popular than the 2C version (Gelatik). The paper model shapes are quite simple, just 2 pages of patterns, but there are few of small parts. To fit its wing template in A4 paper so I make the scale of this model aircraft 1:40.