This aircraft is a famous topic for ufo watchers and some conspiracy theorists lately. This aircraft said to be an operating anti gravitational vehicle. Edgar Rothschild Fouche also testified on UFO Disclosure project that TR3B is one of the experimental aircraft which is the result of decades of re-engineering from alien technology. Edgar is a former engineer who worked on Groom Lake US military base, we know it as Area 51. Black triangle ufo was sighted on the sky Belgium and other places in the world as well in Indonesia also has people who claim saw the object. UFO Disclosure is a project headed by Steven Greer which gathered informations from many countries, testimonials from former goverment agencies, former military personnels, military pilots, commercial pilots, goverment sub contractors, engineers, and other credible witnesess to support the disclosure of UFO secrets held by world goverments for at least five decades.