Going Merry part 2 paper model is ready for download. The ship is started to take shape, after this part will be the final part. This model is nothing to do with christmas, but I start to look like it is a christmas model by looking at the three orange trees, looks a lot like a christmas tree :). This model is delayed many times, I blame it to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 :p. Add me on Steam : Julescrafter.







It may easier if you place number 11 and 36 on the last step.

There is duplicate number in the template that is number 37, one is the stair to the front upper deck and the rest are small support column for the railing. I also made spare parts for support column, if you fail you will still can do it again without printing it again.

Railing parts 26 and 40 appeared to have only one long glue tabs, you have to cut the tabs manually so you can bend them into half circular curve.

Assembly the orange tree by stacking part 41-46 first before attaching to the trunk (part 29)