On 2010 I worked on this Nanosuit 2.0 paper model commissioned by Crytek, the award winning game producer of Crysis.. This 10 pages template eventually was not used by Crytek in their promotion campaign during Crysis 2 game launching. Although it is good for their promotion in figure modeling and paper model community, I was the only one outside Crytek that have this template. I always exhibit the assembled 1/6 Nanosuit 2.0 paper model in every occasion whenever I had the chance, people keep asking me where did I get this template, I always said "It's just for private use, not for share". Also I once post the built photo on Paper Replika Facebook page, the same thing happened. But recently I stumbled upon an image of Nanosuit 2.0 equipped with his tactical bow and in ready to shoot pose (Crysis 3 teaser image). That was so cool, so I try to modify the existing Nanosuit 2.0 3d model for paper model that I already made to pose like that image and post it on Facebook. That image was seen by Crysis team on Facebook and they gave me a green light to continue the work, so I think It's okay too to share the standing pose model. This template is 'different' from many of my template designs, the texture was carefully drawn in scalable vector image, every detail was drawn manually not from image or photo. So here it is Nanosuit 2.0 paper model, and this is a fan work and not an official paper model.