New release from Rino, a new project which is GAT-102 Duel Gundam head part.  Rino really amazed me again this time, he is on fire!  What is a Duel Gundam? I actually have very little knowledge about Gundam's universe, I wonder how many type are made. From Gundam Wikia I found out that Duel Gundam has a bit similarity then the previous Strike Gundam on the torso, but the whole figure is different in posture and details, its color is dominated with mainly white and blue. Duel Gundam is more muscular in appearance compare to Strike Gundam.  Duel Gundam also equipped with beam rifle and shield and other type of heavy weaponry. Photos below are build by Rino himself as a build test, he used 190 gsm art paper with Canon Pixma inkjet printer to build this Gundam's head. The template is in PDF and assembly instruction is included with PDO file.