This is the last of 5 parts, with this weapon kit the Gundam is complete. The weapons are not as complicated as they are seen. I have simplify many parts for easier and stress-free build. All parts are designed to be static display model as seen on the presentation image below. If you want the Impulse to hold a sword, you have to modify it yourself. The template contains 13 pages of patterns for build a rifle, a shield, two swords, a boomerang and a booster backpack. Next big poject is continuing Jaeger Striker Eureka model, also Cristiano and Suraj will still continue their Iron man Gemini and Gypsy Danger Jaeger model.


Rifle on the left is stand alone version, when you want the Impulse to hold in his hand you need to replace the handle grip number 19 with number 13 as seen on the rifle on the right.