This release is the last part of a complete unicorn gundam without accessories. This Unicorn is not finish yet, there will be more parts for shield and its cannon. The Unicorn's appearance when the system 'NT-D' is active. In this way, the psyco frame structure built in mobile whole body reads the thoughts of the pilot (psycowaves), which directly influence the movements of the unit. In other words, the Mobile Suit can be controlled solely by thought. However, when compared to the human body, the stress of gravity of a Mobile Suit from 20 meters, more than ten times the size of the human body is shaking. Even with the aid of psycommu the mind of the driver can only support an operation period of no more than five minutes, after which it is believed that a limiter is activated, returning the unit to the way Unicorn. This system does not act according to the will of the pilot, but automatically, when certain conditions are met, supposedly when the unit detects an opponent Newtype.