I read about Hunger Games movie yesterday, it's about a survival game that take in the near future when north America collapsed because of war and drought. I never watch it yet, although it's already in theater in my country. Then I search on Google is there a paper craft of it, I found nothing except a Hunger Games fans website is looking for artists to submit their work for the website's craft. Because I never watch it yet, I Google about Hunger Games movie props then found an easy prop, this nylon sack. I research a bit and found out again apparently there are 12 sacks that represent the 12 districts in the movie that also an adaptation of a novel trilogy with the same title. Sack number one represents Luxury District, 2  for Masonry, 3 for Technology, 4 for Fishing, 5 for Power, 6 for Transportation, 7 for Lumber, 8 for Textiles, 9 for Grain, 10 for Livestock, 11 for Agriculture and the last, 12 represents Mining District. I noticed on the net the sacks have different color in sack 2 and 5 with brown stripe and sack number 12 and 11 use black stripe, so I was guessing there are 2 groups the first six and the rest, brown and black. The shape is simple but the font that is used on the number was hard to find, I also ended up  guessing they use a modified Boom Box font for the number. The scale is 1:6.